Wasee, Spear sasa ni expert in aviation accidents ..na Micymas je? He has just discovered Hundson river! Kiereere tamalisa watu


Huyu @spear ni kinyesi in my eyes

And the H-hating Binjwa is now an expert talent scout.

Say after me:




Again, and again and again…

i speak original arabic-sourced swahili wewe hawara mweusi

Spear = Google

Nyamaza fake Arab.

Niaje Bingwa, I live rent free in ALOT of peoples minds. Nani kama Mimi.:smiley:

I’m also very well read. Its my passion.

Si basi ungeandika hivi:

“i speak original arabic-sourced swaili wewe awara mweusi”

Kwanza let me tell you something you want to confirm. Where I come from, you Shumarî people rank at just a level below Khoisan-like Gumba that roamed the central Savannahs when my ancestors arrived here. So sikubebi na uzito wowote.

In fact, the more unashinda ukisistiza wewe ni Shumarî-mwarabu, the more you awaken my ancestoral disdain and contempt.

Hundson ni mto gani phony-Arab?

Hiyo ni ile micymas the explorer amediscover

Hudson river iko US

Nyandua mtu

Sema tu Jubilee + Comp Architecture and Spear will become and expert and even tell you how ARM is better than Intel

next sema Jubilee + Trachelectomy na SPear atakuwa daktari

He is a bot created by @Electronics4u

With just a little effort Google makes you an expert in everything.
Don’t believe ‘well read’ nonsense.

Someone who is well read would most likely display higher emotional intelligence, have an inquisitive mind and have good analytical skills ( I have never seen him apply logical thinking anywhere)…
I agree with those who say googling makes some people overestimate their knowledge