Wasapere in the house what is the meaning of this proverb?

Kīhīī kīonire ùrirù mbere ya gukawe

Loosely translated;

Kipii kiliona maajabu before his grandpa.

Uriru ni Kuga atia?

Grandfather and the grandson he’s named after are agemates. It means a grandfather cannot curse but can bless his grandson

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Tauren anafanya you speak in tongues banae

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God gave abraham this command as a sign of his covenant with him. Abraham had to demostrate this to his son isaac by circumcising him first so he could also circumcise him, hence the origin of kikuyu adage " kihii kionire uriru mbere ya ithe".

It simply means the father circumcised his son first before he was circumcised himself


Boys can do crazy things and experience anything outrageous even before their ancestors

Hakuna answer muzuri mnanipea Wadaus.
Wacha niulize @Guka_wa_makwa and @Meria_Mata

@Wakameat please keep off

Okay, the truth is that uriru is a small brown spider that appears just before a draught. They are field spiders, so a boy, who grazes the heard in the fields, will see the uriru before his grandfather who is seating at home in his compound


The why is it a proverb ?
What does it teach ?
How can you even come up with such an explanation?
You must be from some funny funny tribe

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Its embarrassing that a whole grown nyeuthi can think that silly uriru spider explanation is plausible.
Kwani wewe ni wa wapi ?
Una miaka ngapi ?

The deeper meaning is that the grandfather was a boy, so everything he know is because he was a boy

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Tuambie your translation tukutambue mzae