Was there a racial revolt in heaven?

Was the epic battle between God and Lucifer actually based on race? After Russia’s most recent, historical revelation that Israelites were Black, and by extrapolation, that the original man was Black, that God is a Black man, there might be some truth to this which needs exploring. But no one is really Black …(or White either). God is not Black but rather chocolate or Bronze.

Revelation 1:15. His feet were like burnished bronze, refined in a furnace. Elsewhere it says His hair is like wool (thick African hair).

Considering the far reaching implications of skin color today, race is the most important factor on earth. It’s the unstated factor in global politics, economics, justice system, the environment, wars and so much more. Skin color might be a few millimeters deep but its effects are deep and wide reaching.

What if what we’re experiencing didn’t start with humankind, but was at the heart of the battle of the gods?

Ezekiel 28:17, “Your heart became proud on account of your beauty, and you corrupted your wisdom because of your splendor.”

One thing about pink people is that they consider themselves the most beautiful race on earth. What the current, devilish world considers beautiful is not the color of God’s chocolate skin, but Lucifer’s pale skin. Pink skin, blue eyes, blonde hair. And these physical attributes have given them such haughtiness and pride in their souls, just like the one who modeled them. The day Satan noticed that he was a white man and in his corrupt mind, more beautiful than God, his racism would not allow him to submit to the Creator. This is the problem with all whites today who believe they are inherently better and more beautiful than blacks! Satan has always been the chief architect of racism which he started right after leading a racial revolt against our Chocolate-skinned God.

After the fall of mankind, the Earth also fell therefore genetic defects were introduced which caused Chocolate skin to turn towards pink. There are two seeds on earth at war with each other and these are a mirror image of the gods.

Obviously after Satan was banished from heaven he lost his beauty and became what he feared most: black and dark-skinned. He became darkness embodied. This is why we see so much hate and rage directed towards chocolate, African Israelites; it’s because our physical bodies are the closest thing to God’s image.

@Stormtrooper98 …thoughts?


Hehe. I thought this “Russia black Jesus/Jews” revelations was exposed as fake news? I’d expect the Jews of 2000 years ago to look more of less the same as the semites we have today.
Anyway, early Christians usually depict Satan as black and ugly in their art. Satan revolted because he wanted to be a big wig in heaven, aimbiwe praises kama Messi na Ronaldo.

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Mimi hizi vitu huwa naona ni story za Jaba Tu

Tena hizi black Jesus photos zinasemekana zina date from 1400s… that’s like me producing photos of Kenyans in 600AD alafu nasema wanakaa hivi na hivi. It’s pure guesswork honestly.

It’s not fake news.

Sure, but what was the root of it? How did Satan start developing that feeling of conceit you see running rampant among the Caucasians? His “beauty” and “splendor” rooted in white/pink skin, blonde hair and blue-green eyes compared to the negroid features of Our Creator, God. It’s just my hypothesis but I feel so vindicated especially after seeing these ancient relics from Russia. It solidifies our belief: we are the true Israelites!

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  1. Which race occupies the most beautiful,resource-full land on earth?
  2. Which race has women whose genes contain all races on earth?
  3. Which race is physically resilient than all others?

Mwenye anataka kujichukia kwa kuwa mweusi ako na kasoro.

I’ve tried to research the dates of these Russian photos but I’ve been unable to find anything. What I have found out is that there are no pictures of Jesus from the 1st or 2nd century (other than 1 satirical graffiti of a donkey headed man being crucified which was supposedly done by Romans mocking Christians). The point is, any picture of Jesus after the 1st century could not have been done by anyone who actually saw how/what Jesus looked like. It’s a shame no one decided to paint Jesus when he was alive.

Hehe it’s possible.