Was The Story Of Inmates Breaking Out Of Jail In Meru Real?

Don’t jump your guns it is a question about a story somebody narrated to me and I just wanted to see if anyone heard about it.
Apparently a few years back in Meru there were about 60 hard core criminals in remand in jail awaiting arraignment in court and one evening the guards heard them loudly sing “Paulo na Sila Waliomba”.
Apparently the music drowned the noises as the hacksaw cut the rails then allegedly 59 of 60 made off while the only one who remained behind happened to be a cripple hakuweza kuondoka.
I just wanted to check if anyone heard about this one as I have no idea if its true or false.

Hacksaw kumask the noise? Kwani waliimba till the walls fell down like Ofafa Jericho?

Apparently they were using the song to obscure noise from a hacksaw.

Hahaha thanks for the reminder I have edited it to reflect the music created the noise.

Prison break

:D:D:D mnaufala sana

The only idiotic is the unqueried query. An older guy from Meru narrated the event. He didn’t appear to have a reason to feign the tale.

Yes it is real. Check out the whole story here —> http://bfy.tw/JqHu
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