Was suitcase death of boyfriend an accident or murder

This woman is my role model, LOL, alimalaysia boyfriend kwa suitcase. Enyewe hii dunia iko na mambo, how does a grown man agree to be put inside a suitcase, ati hide and seek. Oh! Wait they had been drinking. It’s hilarious. Huyu mama ni mambo yote. I have tried to feel sorry for the guy but I find it too hilarious. The funniest thing I have ever heard of in true crime. Even the couple just looks like a joke. Mama ya watu pretended to have blacked out as the man was dying in the suitcase. If a man is abusive just leave him, sio kumfungia kwa suitcase until he suffocates to death. Why do people stay in toxic relationshits until you end up in jail for murder coz frustration is too much you can kill.


Best revenge for cheating ever…


If this amuses you then you need help.
You are not okay.

Get some help.

Who are you?
I suggest you let that question turn over and over in your mind for a day. It’s therapeautic. When you are clear about it, revisit the story. If you can still laugh about it, give up thinking about heaven–you are completely beyond help.

Yes, she’s my role model. First of all how did she fit the guy into that small suitcase. I am those people who pack every single thing when I travel and I always have bulging suitcase. How did she fit the guy in that suitcase.

How did she convince the guy to play hide and seek inside a suitcase, considering that they’re both in their 40s and the person isn’t hiding from you if you already know where they are. Her negotiation skills must be very serious.

Its not right to toy with people’s feelings but when a woman is doing the killing its wrong but when a man kills a woman and even children for cheating its OK. Her plan was ingenious , she’d have gotten away with it if she had never recorded what happened.

You have no idea how un OK I am. I will be watching the entire trial live on court tv and relishing every second of it, same way you enjoy your football. Matter of fact a watch party for my true crime groups on FB. We will have a blast.

What am I getting help for exactly? For finding it hilarious that people in their 40s were playing hide and seek while drunk and one ended up dead in a suitcase.

Yah, sorry for the guy but what the heck was he thinking going into a suitcase? Play stupid games win stupid prizes. I don’t feel sorry for him, he was an idiot to get in the suitcase.

Longer version with the guy pleading for his life. Abuse escalates until it ends in death and or jail. These 2 were abusive to each other. Next time you are tempted to stay in an abusive relationship remember this guy. This is how it ends.



Here is the guy, he has the body of a child no wonder he could fit in that small suitcase. Fitting even a dead body in a suitcase requires that you chop it up b4 rigor mortise sets in. Still do not get vile alijikunja coz he has long limbs.


My issue with your way of looking at this case is that you marvel at the technical details–how she fooled him into getting into a suitcase, how she packed him tight and neat, and zipped it up–yet he was small, and drunk. Stupid, true. But this isn’t a movie: a real person died!
I thought you might want to look at the motivating core of that childish game, with such a tragic end. What made her do it? What made him trust her as to get into the box–literally? If they weren’t on friendly terms–you say he was cheating–would he even be spending time with her playing silly games? And why would you rejoice at the absurd death of a man unknown to you, just because other men, also unknown to you, and completely unconnected to him, have killed women in the past? It is neither fair nor logical to celebrate the killing of any innocent human being of either gender just because others have done evil. Please don’t. It is destructive to the human spirit.

I’m sorry, I am afraid it’s a by product of being a fan of true crime, what we do is focus on the technical details, we do not exactly empathize with the victims or get emotionally embroiled bcz we would not enjoy it anymore. We look at it as an art or a science . Like Johansen Oduor during a postmortem. If you think I’m cold you should see how light-hearted our discussions in true crime communities is, like for example Bailey Sarian a true crime youtuber, discussing Jeffery Dahmer, btw she has over 5 million subscribers to her channel , that video has over 16 million views and it’s hilarious. It’s obviously popular meaning a good portion of the society are morbidly obsessed with true crime. Especially women.

The guy killed 17 men and I believe he killed a 14 yo male prostitute but to us it’s fascinating and even comical sometimes like that he carried a human head to work and he was working in a chocolate factory. I guess if you are not a fan, you can’t understand what’s funny.

One day though Dahmers crimes bothered me when I saw a torso being removed from his apartment and I was like OMG is that like a real person’s TORSO it hit me one time for the several times I read or watched anything about him but other than that I have never felt anything but fascination and amusement about these serial killers.

Its true the guy didn’t deserve to die like that. He looks like he’s gey and on drugs but his Karen should have left the relationship instead of letting the abuse and frustration of being cheated on, drive her over the edge. How drunk must you be to let someone you have beef with and a history of violence with, zip you into a suitcase? Hopefully during the live trial coming we will get to the bottom of this bcz I need to understand how a grown ass man will let a woman talk him into doing something like this. Here’s my favorite serial killer. I love this commentary. She killed it. No pun.


Well I guess you’ve acquired a certain insensitivity to horror from watching too many murder cases online. Many people can’t bear listening to all the real murder expositions as entertainment, because it sometimes gets disturbingly vivid–as though you witnessed it. It gets hard to expel the images from memory. It’s different to study and unravel the psychological make-up of such people as part of a career task, (eg. if you are are criminal profiler) but as recreation, and to say they are role models, creates–well, stares, and a dead silence:DThat’s why extremely violent movies are rated R, yet they are fiction. But well, we all get our kick from different things.

I’m very sensitive. I don’t watch horror movies or violent movies. I can’t stand the gore.

True crime isn’t vivid, it’s analytical. No movie about serial killers will show you the gore I believe they’re all pg 13.

Why don’t you sample some of my favorites with an open mind and see why it can be so enthralling for so many people around the world. I will put some links for podcasts and some for documentaries or movies. Just check them out, you will be surprised by how many misconceptions you have about true crime. It’s scintillating and it will blow your mind.

This is about Samuel Little. The most prolific serial killer who ever lived. I am just recently getting acquainted with black serial killers. His record is impressive especially for a black man and a man who started pretty late in life . 93 known victims across state lines. I can assure you that you won’t see anything gory. So do not worry.



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