Was she a slay queen or an Innocent lady?

It seems she may have predicted a death but it came to the wrong person. This lady was humble but too ambitious. She did her best. It’s unfortunate that other circumstances led to a loss of life. We will know in good time. [ATTACH=full]223045[/ATTACH]

@digi when did you know she was humble? Before or after the murder?

Wewe digiri unaonekana unajua mengi. Ulikuwa unachukua slices pia?

Wachana na maneno yangu,

She was an illiterate slay-queen

She has always been humble

Started from the bottom, she has done well

any slayqueen can do well if she meets a fool and his money. Does not need smarts

All women are territorial …and want the jogoo for themselves…It’s natural…
kwani ni mimi tu nimewahi kupiganiwa na wasupa hapa…I had two chics(offcourse there are others)… wakisema wanataka @Deez Nuts all to themselves :cool::cool::cool::p:p

ok,first of all…eye drops ziko sawa.secondly hapo nyuma ni kaburi langata?and lastly,why does everyone keep saying that the ladies went to have “tea” …of all the places …at homeland inn

Three families totally destroyed. Kids left with no parents. What a pity.



Poohndar wewe, :smiley:

Mpangos family, wife’s family, husband’s family

oh…i see


Mpangos are good but kindly keep your wife away from the suffering

With Robialac and her cat, a woman can scale unimaginable heights…

hawa wasapere brown na potty most have troublesome marriages