Was Sany dispatched to Weston


The consequences are better imagined than experienced.

Indeed. Would hate to see children getting teargassed again.

What consequences? Ama Ataiba KICC? You know there is no primitive kalenjin warrior stupid enough to try causing chaos in Nairobi, so am sure you would take it out on old women and children ala Kiambaa, right?

Those who had encroached on airport land pale syokimau had the structures removed, pia kule kariobangi sewerage, road reserves, railway land. Hio wesdon should be next.

Itabomolewa na hakuna kitu itafanyika

Why did Nkaiserry teargas school kids?

Bomoa hiyo takataka

KICC belongs to Gideon Moi(the richest man in East Africa), a kalenjin

Hata “dolphin na flamingo beach” naskia zinasimama kwa mchanga ya Kenya Navy … hizo pia lazma zibomolewe.

Easton apartments hapo jogoo road are also on Kenya Railways land. Hii mutu kweli ni mwisi buana.

Osere’s apartments are Resting on KMC land at ongata Rongai…
Another @sani should be dispatched there

Just imagine the millions of local and international passengers stranded with nowhere to put up…
Very insensitive indeed.
ION, the consequences of RV Kikuyu’s not voting for the Sugoi guy are better imagined than experienced…

Rich from stealing our money. Hata haya Hamna.


Lies , Weston iko chonjo

The current govt haiwezi but a future govt will demolish that hotel.

Sure, they should demolish hotel then ile ya Great rift lodge. Ukiona mwenzako akinyolewa, jitayarishe