Was murdered catholic priest gaay?

Some things that happen in the Catholic church are most times bizzare and outrageous, from claims of fathers engaging altar boys in gaay sex to nuns getting raped and impregnated.
This one now seems to be such one incident where the suspect alikuwa anakamuliwa na father maybe from a very young age.

Catholic priests should be allowed to marry.

Why sensor the word gay in your headline?

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Not me, it’s admin and his system.
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We had a post here by one talker who narrated how he was coerced into homesexuality by a priest at a younger age and swore he will revenge. Could he be the accused.

This is what happens when they put financial interests ahead of everything else.
It doesn’t matter, Kenyans hate homosexuals more than all other social outcasts and censoring that word gáy will not change anything.

I now remember, can someone dig up that thread.

I’m a catholic but this priests needs wives, seems like wanking doesnt help them. A close priest friend was shot dead sometimes back in Zimmerman after he was found humping someone’s wife

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seems this one was just gay, not pedo, unless you have more evidence

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