Was Moi humiliated during 2002 power handover

I was 11 by then, I just remember my grandfather was rooting so much for Uhuru to win the elections. Understandable, because we hail from Rift valley. Young as I were, the elections outcome came as a big blow to us, my grandfather almost crashed his radio listening to the results flowing in…

Anyway, there came the handover, a lot of stories about how Moi was humiliated was peddled…from stones, mud and COW-DUNG thrown at him and his motorcade!? Damn, that was so cold. Fast forward a few months later under kibaki’s regime, followed the death of a number of ministers thought to have been the masterminds behind Moi’s humiliation during power handover.

The story propagated by then was that for every fallen mud thrown at Moi, a minister would die! Apparently Moi had hanged the coat he wore during handover somewhere in his house, it was full of mud.
I don’t really know how true the story about humiliation and the ‘falling mud’ omen was, because I was young to comprehend all that

Who can curse what God has blessed?

That story of cowdung ni zile za mogoka base, ebu jiulize meffi ya ngombe utatoa wapi Uhuru park surely :D. Ama walibeba stock kutoka home?I was there during the handover and the only humiliation meted on Moi was the shouting, booing and guys banging his car as it made its way into Uhuru park.

11 yo in 2002? Wewe ni kama mtoi wangu wa kwanza. I am you your uncle.

:D. Hata Mimi nlikuwa nashangaa kwani Watu walibeba mavi ya ngombe kuhumiliate mzee!

Sio cowdung alitupiwa. Walimurushia matope kwa gari yake as he was leaving Uhuru park


The nigga was inside his official vehicle. Matope ilifikiaje coat yake jameni?



Ni boys walikuwa wanafungia njia motorcade akiingia Uhuru Park wakiimba Mali Yetu Mali Yetu

Hehe he is 29 years bana

Fossils tulizeni boli