Was Matete Gas Explosion Story Another Hoax Like The Septic Tank One...?

Gospel music star and pastor Ruth Matete was on Tuesday, April 21 grilled by detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) for at least six hours at the agency’s Kiambu Road headquarters in Nairobi.
Matete was questioned in connection with the death of her husband, BelovedJohn Apewajoye who allegedly died from a gas explosion at their home, spending twelve days in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) before passing away.
Matete was also reportedly accompanied by detectives to her home in Wall Gardens Estate, Athi River, on Tuesday, April 21 where various samples were collected as investigators continued to probe the matter.
She had previously been interrogated by the DCI detectives on Friday, April 17.
Matete had announced the passing of her husband via a Facebook post on Sunday, April 19.


Through her lawyer, Robert Odanga, she is reportedly planning to sue Bellevue Hospital in South C where the husband was admitted.
She is also planning to file a lawsuit against manufacturers of the gas cylinder which exploded leading to Apewajoye’s death.
Following the explosion, Apewajoye was rushed to Shalom Hospital before being taken to the High Dependency Unit at Bellevue.
A video, however, later surfaced of Apewajoye’s Nigerian manager claiming that Matete had a hand in the death of Apewajoye who was also an ordained pastor.
[I]The manager, [B]Jesse McJessy[/B], described Matete as psychotic as he accused her of seeking to cover up her husband’s death. He further claimed that Matete was violent towards Apewajoye and had tried to stab him before.

"BelovedJohn’s marriage was never rosy. Ruth Matete you can tell the whole world the truth. You were very violent, you have stabbed him not once, not twice, not thrice.
“The last time you tried to kill BelovedJohn, I was there in Athi River in Greatwall Gardens. You guys had a fight and you almost killed him,” he stated.[/I]
According to him, Ruth did not inform BelovedJohn’s family in Nigeria about the explosion and neither did she give accurate information about his status in the hospital.

BelovedJohn…what a name

Pharmacist lazima awe na a lot of usage kwa gas… Mixing ingredients

She can sue everyone all she wants… Her story has too many holes.


All along I thought it was an adjective they were using. Didn’t know it was his name

And the way media wamekanyagia hii story! We only get info from blogs and gutter press


there’s a guy called GodJesus Sunday in nigeria

She tried to stab him thrice.!!! Nothing more to add. She killed him.

Upussss, wawachane na Dem wetu


Wooi our beloved John. I also thought they were describing the guy. In a normal setting gas would explode and kill a woman in the kitchen than a man in the sitting room. Good Lord.

BELOVEDJOHN lasma alikuwa pharmacist alikuwa ana cook crack ndio shit ika hit the roof btw those burns looked like acid burns.

Beloved John was allegedly trying to let off excess gas kwa balcony. The question is, how did it ignite??

No 1, was a meko 6kg, Two, No exploded cylinder. 3, balcony repainted but no signs of fire.
I think our girl is done.

Yes why doesn’t she sue the manager for defamation who said she stabbed the dude 3 times prior and actually has a recording of the deceased post stabbing.

This gas exploding thing sound sus. I sell gas and I don’t think I’ve ever heard a story of a cylinder exploding. Plus it’s gas not fluid. The fine details escape me but how did it get on his clothes and become flammable. How did it just be a localized explosion?

This story is not straight forward and she has a history of violence against him. Ateanda ku sue everyone and they’ll expose her if she’s not careful.

Am stuck hapo kwa pastor having a manager? Kwani wamekuwa wasani siku hizi?

Ati the excess gas at the balcony was absorbed by some cloths and rags hence exploded. Upusss !!!