Was Malcom X closeted gay?...

…i read somewhere that our black brother Malcolm was a closeted gay escort way back before fame caught him
Poverty is bad, was he? Ama tu ni story.

Yes it’s true he sold sex for money as a young man and his family confirmed that.

niliskia malcom was street smart and had fun with junguu women

…bila effidence that stuff is[SIZE=6] probably propaganda[/SIZE]

Malcolm X he was a rastaman from joomeikah. Yes rasta

Rasta people are not Chi-Chi men

Malcom was as straight as my dick.

He was a pimp, a hoodlam, a civil rights act, a minister, BUT ABOVE ALL, HE LOVED PUSSY

Him and Pio Gama Pinto were very close.
They were assassinated almost at the same period.