Was Kiptum really 24 years old?

Why do athletes age fast despite all those exercises ama wanadanganya miaka… this guy doesn’t look 24…

Marathon and long distance running isnt kind to the body.

It goes beyond exercises to something we call endurance and torture.


That is a runner’s face… A feature that is common for athletes that partake in extensive long distance running…


Yes. All long distance runners age fast. Huyu Ni mtoto was 1999

He looks older. Kipchoge pia hukaa 50+. Might be the typical of marathoners.

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Try loosing weight and see how you will age. Body fat of these marathon runners is very low. It’s also interesting that kelvin ran only 3 international races. He broke the course records in 2 of them and the marathon record in the 3rd race. This guy was truly destined for greatness. May he RIP. His Rwandan coach was also a God send and may he RIP too.


He was probably going to be the best runner the world has ever seen.

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He run way more races. You can find results here and there.

Most of them rewind their age to qualify some races.

The fact that he ran a lot of races meant that his body was taking a lot of beatings. His stint at the top would have been very short. Professionals will tell you that a good athlete aims to run at most three or four marathons a year. More than that will result in a very fast slide to the bottom of the pile so that a marathoner who’d been posting great results starts declining within two years. Hii kitu ni strategy, sio pupa.

Baafrika have this problem ya fictitious years when it comes to sports.
Jamaa comes to Europe from those youth football academies ana claim he is 15. Kumbe jamaa is 25 or older.
After joining a Club and playing for a few years jamaas age starts catching up with him

Unafikiria hio tizi ni rahisi anyway mkuje burial tupata kazi

Reminds me of a Britain Customs and Border documentary show i was watching. Some Nigerian man alienda interview ya visa anasema ako 18yrs old with a serious stone face…hata interviewer alikuwa anacheka coz that motherfucker was definitely over 35yrs of not in his 40s…funniest shit i have ever seen

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Running marathons is a highly strenuous activity that stresses the body. As a response the body releases cortisol, the stress hormone. Now remember they’re regularly training and as such there’s a chronic high level of this hormone.

High Cortisol levels have been linked to accelerated aging. That’s why he looked older than his age.

That only works in U17 tournaments. And those don’t pay much. The reason they feather their ages is because of sponsorship. The younger you are and with success, the larger your endorsement. Because you are more marketable.
Think about it, 2 athletes. Both 5 wins. One is 21 the other is 30. Whom will you give more?

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