Was Jesus black?

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If its true that Jesus was black, Afrticans would not believe it because of the way white Jesus has been hammered into our heads.


Following the wayahudi hekayas the guy was definitely not a blond White dude :grin:

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And they better import anything than buy locally manufactured

The “Jews” in Israel are imposters we are the real Jews

Jesus,***,Christ. One minute the pharaohs were black now Jesus?

Yes, Jesus is black according to the Bible but the bonoko pastors will not teach you this.

Read Daniel 10:5-6, Rev 1:14-15 and Rev 2:18 KJV

There were no europeans in Africa (Egypt) or middle east (Israel).

Meffi speculations. Chances of Jesus to black are near zero because

  1. The painting canvas have a cream background so chances of sketching white people are impossible.
  2. Where Jesus was born and raised , which is now Israel had Jews and Arabs. All of them were whites.
  3. No Africans were taken there as slaves.
  4. No disciple was black because of the above

The way Jesus was portrayed in the movie is very close in how he looked. Accept and move on. Munasumbua Meffi nyinyi

Where was Moses raised? Isn’t it the same place as Jesus? And what color was Moses?

Where was Moses raised? Isn’t it the same place as Jesus. And what color was he?

Cc @cortedivoire

Meffi wewe. Soma bible tena.

Moses was born in Israel by a Hebrew mother called Jochebed and Hebrew father called Amram. The Egyptian Pharaoh ordered all Hebrew new borns to be killed. His mother gave Moses to the pharaoh daughter to keep him safe. Moses end up being raised by the Egyptian Royal Family. Moses escaped across the Red sea and met God who directed him to rescue the Israelites from Egypt.

Eh @cortedivoire

How come Jews say Moses was a Ethiopian Jew.

If the Israelites were a white-skinned people, how could Moses the Hebrew survive (secretly) in the house of Pharaoh among black-skinned Egyptians for 40 years, and not be noticed. Furthermore, after giving the decree (himself) to kill all Hebrew males, how could Pharaoh face and rule over his people, if he knowingly had one living in his house with all the rights and privileges of his own family?

Moses survived 40 years in the palace of Pharaoh because he was a black-skinned man just as the Egyptians were.

The reason he blended perfectly is because both Egyptian and Hebrews were Caucasian

From your notion, you are saying all Hebrews and Egyptians were black but where did they go to? Because the majority of modern day Jews and Egyptians are Caucasians.
And Why don’t we have many Jewish blacks living in Israel currently and Black Egyptians living in Egypt currently?

:astonished: Pharaoh Ramses was Caucasian??? You know it was Ramses dad who chased away the Israelis.


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