Was Jaramogi the Politician who had the Long Giraffe Neck?

History tells us, that the first vice president Jaramogi Odinga had a different ideology to that of First president Jomo Kenyatta; preferring a closer ties with the People’s Republic of China and countries of the Warsaw Pact, while Kenyatta favoured the Western bloc.

In 1966 this ideological difference forced Jaramogi to resigning from his post and quit KANU.

Fast forward 50 years on, the Chinese dominate the development agenda; building everything from chicken sheds, dams to roads and close to complete take-over off Biashara Street from the Indians. One reads in the papers they can be spotted fishing on the Chania River.

If Jaramogi was to awake and walk our streets today, would he not have the last laugh?

A question to ponder over, if Jaramogi had had his way would the Chinese be so dominant?
When pondering over this question, reflect upon another thought; would the country have sunk so deep in the mire of corruption?

A young Jaramogi wiki source


“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”
Gautama Buddha

He advocated for socialite. If he had his way we would be like tz. China embraced capitalism to become the giant it is today

“Moi wacha nikalie hiyo kiti ata siku moja, mimi iko mbaya sana saidi.”
-Jaramogi “The Loser” Ojinga.

wacha ukutwe na @dingoo_wa_ingoo

The only person who had a long development neck was TJ Mboya. China had nothing to offer the world for many decades. He leaned on China because he preferred communism and China was a communist country na sio hiyo communism ya 60s imewasaidia…

Hii yote haisaidii mimi hata kidogo.

Autocorrect on phone. Surely I must upgrade the kind of company I keep if i use the word socialite more than socialism

hehehe it’s better to be quiet than…ama wacha tu

China was nothing 20 years ago, leave alone 60 years.
You align yourself with giants of the day. Don’t be surprised if in 20 years we stop looking to China but to India… of if the Odinga cult continues to bite us, to Tanzania.

Why are we looking to China? Why should be look to India? What is wrong with us that we cannot look within?

Come again…socialite? Which one/s? Socialism or socialite? Your reply makes me think more about whether the socialism system doesn’t produce socialites like the TZ ones.

Ati he embraced what??? socialite ni kina Vera. socialism is the ideology.

You are thinking geography we are thinking ideology. Hatuwes patana.