was it this serious?

Babu Owino Could Face 7 Years in Jail If Guilty

Embakasi East MP Paul Ongili alias Babu Owino could face up to seven years in jail if found guilty of insulting the presidency. The MP was ordered to spend one more night in police custody pending determination of his application to be released on bail after being charged with two counts of subverting justice and making statements to create disaffection against the presidency.

His charging brought a rare occurrence in court, as it took six hours of heated arguments between the prosecution and his lawyers on the simple question of whether he should be released on bail or detained until the case is heard and determined.

It forced chief magistrate Francis Andayi to adjourn all other matters scheduled for hearing before his court while those who were to plead to fresh charges were sent to other courts.

If it’s true then as an embakasi east(33)resident i will so happy.But i know it cannot happen.Otherwise there will pressers,demos etc.

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BABU OWINO released on Sh500,000 bail after two nights in cell, judge rules there were no compelling reasons to keep holding him.



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Justice for all. Forgive the left and right. Let criminals and innocents free…why not? Hell and Heaven will separate them.


VS, Say that amount once again… Be louder please

KSHS 500,000

Those handcuffs are too big for such a tiny guy.

It was bound to happen. But he has learnt his lesson. Thou he now knows that there is a case pending. He will be wiser now on the language he will use.


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Direct translation. no editing… :D:D:D

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Hii kesi sisi kama experts tulichambua na tukasema ni upuss juu he was accuses of a non-existing crime in the penal code, ni kama tu zile za akina Alai za Misuse of telecommunication equipment

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you know that bail is refunded back right? unless you fail to appear in court for your hearing