Was it murder or suicide????....... (fictional)


…when death has a date with you, doesn’t matter how or when you plan it.

More of a riddle

It’s more complicated than @kush yule mnono’s route to the gym:D

This goes to tell you that the chips are already cast. The universe has a scope on your ass and you are not doing no shit you are not meant to, and you a not, not going to do shit you are meant to.

Simple: suicide via stray bullet.

Kutoka kitambo human had strong desire to defeat mortality.From “Elixirs of Life” where they had recipe for immortality; copper, honey, mercury, iron .“mushroom of immortality” bt eventually warinyoria… Bt naskianga one can trick death though

ebu tuelezee zaidi nanii…

Following attentively…

I won’t administer a concoction.Nope.
One can trick death , at least for a little while, through a combination of positive lifestyle changes.

Positive lifestyle changes then one day;

  1. you wake up get hit by a bus or any other vehicle and die
  2. you sleep and don’t wake up
  3. You are eating, you get chocked and die.
  4. People are protesting and you were at the scene…you are beaten and shot, then you die.
  5. You are walking at night, you get mugged then hit by a blunt object…you bleed to death.

There are a million ways you can die even when you are living a ‘healthy’ lifestyle…
how do you even know you are living a healthy lifestyle???Is it by the food you eat??Most of the things aren’t even healthy…chemically ingested fruits and vegetables…meat and everything. unless you farm your own products without using any chemicals,…

we are all living by the Grace of God. You can’t cheat death!