Was it A downgrade or An Upgrade ?

Bring the old KTalk back.

kindly bring back the All Threads option.


enyewe hii UI inakaa mbaya. na emojis bado ni limited

It will take time to get used to this one… @admin all new threads should be one step click. Maybe remove members?

wapi emoji ya kucheka:mad::mad::mad::mad:

Pls dont remove the old emojis, I like them.

I can also report myself?


Nimepotea njia? Where’s the green laughing bastard?

Admin grow the fan up. Bring back the old site. This is crappy. I have no idea

Ndiye huyo sasa,WTF!

Kenyaspot has the same UI and i think this id the best

Look at all these babies. They took one glance and started yelling for old site back.

Huku ni wapi?.. @uwesmake kuja saidia

What has happened to Ktalk?

Am just surprised @admin did not add an 'Education Section '. A revolution is long overdue.Ferk the laugh emoji is so stupid :D:D

Nimeshangaa pia admin hajaadd LGBTQ section, nimechoka kuona fungua kabat pole pole na gaaaaaayyyyyy kwa kila post

@admin can you pin this thread

It’s such comments that prompted the nairaland admin to create his platform from scratch. Guys…this is Kenya. Let’s be contented with the little we’ve got

Iko swafi

Hehehe pple never like change. Tutazoea though it will take a min… :rolleyes::wink: