watu wanauliza story ya Jurisdiction buru ya chini na Kariobangi ni sako kwa bako so alikuwa tu in the area

Kwani yeye ndio wa kwanza kufunguliwa kichwa? Nimeekewa story hapa kwa public forum na nitachangia vilivyo. As for my stories, I was forced to do guesswork because I’m being fed bits of information. So the family should either tell us the entire story or shut up.

where had he gone with the employer’s car and who did he tell he was going?

Hawajui outering estate, which is next to Buru phase one iko opposite Kariobangi South.

It’s a crooked world out there.

When we were crying about extrajudicial killings, most of you were rejoicing its now your turn, also lawyers had their turn when kimani was killed.

that gun on Jeff looks planted. then again, I cannot say for sure whether these youth were criminals.
i’m a bit iffy on executions because, as said above, dead men tell no tales.
we cannot have one side of the story from (rogue) police

RIP boy. Shine on your way.

Niaje @Ken_Sarro? Msito @Ruffneck anarudi huku lini?
Alafu nifanyie favor. Ambia huyo mtu amecomment juu yako anihurumie awache kuniignore. Nitakufa akiendelea, pris.

All headshots.

This is the blatant murder. No evidence of gunfire… maybe it’s time our csi teams did it’s jobs

I can see where the thread is headed. Watu wenye wanajulikana ni wa RWNEBP wanauliza mbona gari ilikua nje haijarudishwa kwa mwenyeji. Watu wa UOTP wanasema ni extrajudicial killing. Chenye nmegundua ni kwamba even the ones seen as the most intelligent, sound sooo stupid on this thread trying to validate their reasoning. Others you cant tell whether they’ve swapped their brains for a sheep’s

Why are you lashing out at talkers yet you also know as little as the rest of us?

Hehe police wa Kenya wako na IQ ya chini sana…if you want it to look like there was an “exchange of fire” you should atleast spray bullets on different parts of the body, sio kwa kichwa tu… na wenye mnaleta ukabila hapa shame on you.

little bird tells me they were tracked from saika using the phone of the late cop who had been murdered earlier in the day at komarocks ,need no more to add.

Kama waliua polisi koma, wezi wauwawe.

Is it police procedure to after shooting a suspect,extract firearm from wereva its hidden on the person of the now dead gangster or criminal and place it next to the corpse usually in the same angle? Before taking photos?

One day a thug spoke to John Allan Namu and told him that you cannot be a thug without police support. Infact that cops kill thugs wen deals go wrong. When you work together for too long. He asked a pertinent question, iko wapi kibanda ya bullets. Where do thugs get readily available bullet to be very active in crime.

Boys and cars is nothing abnormal. If a boy can even steal his parents car to go out with it usiku. Is it a mandated driver mchana in the company of other young men? One time a man got his son killed by reporting his new car missing. The flying squad shot his kid who was unarmed who’d stolen the car.

The other issue is shoot to kill. Im not for thugs but in poor neighborhoods most boys have been involved in crime. The environment and influence is prone to crime. Now if we say we kill every boy who has ever been in crime, si tutaua watoto wa maskini karibu wote?

This story is not clear bcz I don’t get what led to a police chase. Kenyan cops can emulate US cops in exercising restraint when apprehending criminals. US cops can chase a criminal several hours and not open fire. In Kenya no police car will chase you if theyre within rang to shoot you to death.

I know we support the war against crime but imagine if today you’re carjaked by thugs and cops spray your car with bullets. Si even you will be a victim?

KNHCR needs to speak out against this shoot to kill MO, Kenyan cops have!

Another almost similar story on the front page of today’s Sunday Nation.
A silly boda boda accident led to the shooting to death of four young men.

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Exactly. That’s why kenya can’t move forward as a block. Some think they ‘clean as cotton’ what they forget is every normal society has its own problems and to solve them they must identify them and face them Headon.

Only policemen in shit-hole countries go around shooting indiscriminately on suspects. That said, the only reason why a folks, especially women, have gotten their panties on a twist over this killings is because the guy was decent looking - six pack and all. Angekua ni an ugly baboon looking nigger, hungeskia hawa pink handles wakiteta…