9th of Jan 2017 began just any other day for these buddies

-:Dickens Otieno Waga(21years)
-:Jeff Patrick Opiyo(22years)
-:Elvis Oloo Ogeda(21years)
May their souls RIP

Unknown to them,the events on that day would leave them lifeless along the Kariobangi Roundabout where they were crowned to be “Lethal gangsters” and acted upon mercilessly…

Elvis’ father said his son had been working as a driver for his neighbour and was assigned to take a child to and from a school in Buruburu.

“Elvis came home in the morning after taking the child to school and washed the car. At around 1pm, he drove out. It was not until 7pm that his boss came to my house seeking to know his whereabouts,” said Tom Ogeda, Elvis’s father.

He said they tried calling him but the phone went unanswered, making him worried that something might have gone wrong.

“His employer showed us photos on Facebook asking us if Elvis could be among those killed. We saw and we were convinced it was him and we went to Buruburu Police Station to report,” said Mr Ogeda.

At the station, Ogeda said he suspected there was “something fishy” going on as police only engaged the owner of the car while he was kept guessing inside the station.

The parents suspected the owner of the car may have tracked his car and upon realising it was away from his Umoja home, tipped off the police that it had been stolen, a matter the owner denied.

John Wanjala, the owner of the Toyota Axio, confirmed that Elvis was his driver and that he usually took his child to school in the company of his wife, adding that he had nothing to do with the incident…We need not to be told that the Buruburu officers after realising that they just messed up,planted the two guns (one beside Jeff and the other beside Dickens)…Jeffs’ bullet wound is a close range by look that left his brains sprawling allover the back seat yet not even a single drop of blood is seen on top of the ‘fake’ gun…Dicken’s case the same…#JUSTICE!!!
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Hessy pia ame ongea

Dead men tell no tales… Tricky sana kujua ni nani ana sema ukweli. Na hii ta IA ya ku hung out na wakora watu waache, mki patikana pamoja nyinyi wote mta kulishwa copper. Kama arif wako ni pwagu ondokea.

I remember there was an incident on Jogoo road where a guy who was working as a cashier left work and called his wife who asked him to buy milk in town for their kid. The guy did so and boarded a mat. The mat was carjacked but I think someone tipped off cops who set up a roadblock on Jogoo Road. The thugs suspected and alighted the bus and so the driver proceeded with the journey. On reaching the roadblock, the D- cops open fired on a bus full of civilians and unfortunately the bank cashier got shot dead. The police as usual planted a pistol on the dead teller and claimed he was one of the gangster which passengers in the mat refuted.

Simple question:
What was Elvis doing with his employers car outside his mandated jurisdiction?

…rusungu ngumu yahwa!

Vitu zingine ni ngumu

Maskin uwezi uliza swali kaa hii, does being outside your mandated jurisdiction = to being killed. Sometimes its good not to ask many questions just keep quiet. Ingekua ni bro yako ndio ungejua.

Wewe transgender from Buru you go to Kariobangi

Some make a living, by slewing people, yeah
But when fi dem time come, dem crying
Cah dem locked in evil, yeah
Who is gonna help you out
After all you have done, yeah
If you make people cry every day
Bow down fi your crying time come
#Natty King No guns to town

Damn! :frowning:

Kwani mmoja wao ni bro yako? Maswali lazima yaulizwe. She asked a valid question. The Kenyatalk panel of experts requests OP to furnish us with all the details so we can make logical arguments concerning the matter. If I employed someone to take my kids to school everyday, and one day I couldn’t track my car to my compound where I expect it to be, I’d first try my best to contact that person and ask them where the car is. If for some reason I couldn’t contact them, I’d try to call his parents or other family members and acquaintances. Only after making sure the vehicle was missing would I call the police. The article above seems to insinuate that the owner failed to find the vehicle in his compound, then rushed to call the police, which doesn’t make any sense, unless he had some sort of grudge against the young man. Maybe he found out the young man was fucking his wife and decided to play cool, then waited for the right moment to set him up. At this point I’m doing guesswork.

I think he moved with bad company…

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Does this, in any way, support Trump shit-hole theory?

So, somebody wants to say the police walk up to random cars shooting up people? @Chloe has asked a very good question but nobody wants to answer - what were three boys doing with a car they were not supposed to have at that time?

Halafu just see what someone has posted above - eti one of them was a (former) gang member.

I am sori to introduce an ethnic angle, but just because these boys were Luo does not mean we can all be hoodwinked by the perennial ‘victimhood’ narrative (marginalisation, exclusion, police brutality etc etc).

If it’s true that there was a passenger in that car that was shooting at the police then the case is closed. A police officer doesn’t have bullet proof gear to enable him to carefully approach a car full of people to weed out the one with the gun.

Police in his country kill people all the time so no it doesn’t.

Hii kesi ni noma

In Greek we say gùtire muici na mùcùthereria. If the guy was in the company of thugs that was the only way it would have ended for him. Cops do not have a reformameter

Though it is clear that the gun was put there.In another thread the gun was to clean amidst an environment spattered with blood.Didn’t add up

I particularly like the ♫you ar’ go shoot ♪ your own-self do’n♫ bit


Wacha kizungu mingi na story telling mingi.You will meet rogue officers one day ndio utajua.Let the family and government sort out the case.Kuna mtu amefunguliwa kichwa hapa na wewe unaleta story ya gari Axio ionekani,fucking wife…