was gaddafi's paradise real?

. Electricity was not free. Libya had a very poor electricity network

. No one received any money from the country’s oil sales to his personal acc

.no one has ever received free land and livestock

.Education and healthcare is free however education was almost useless.

.There was interests on loans

.oil and bread was very cheap

@BBIsiMuhimu ameua website like he always promised he would do. He promised and he delivered.

Si muache kukojolea legacy ya huyo mjamaa.

Vitu zingine ni automatic. If Libya was indeed paradise then every African would’ve gone there, the same way Africans have flooded to Dubai or the U.S or Australia.

These info cannot be hidden. Nigerians and Ethiopians would flood there by the millions but that wasn’t the case. This is often the best indicator of how well an economy is doing : financial immigrants.

RIP African hero

He was our hero despite all the bashing by naysayers. Go lick the white people butts

Hii info umetoa wapi,mkuu.

He could have been great but as for me as an African, Arabs are just despicable meffi in my eyes.

The arabs should go back to the middle east and leave the native berbers of libya and morocco alone. The way arabs were kicked out of zanzibar. sad that Libyans and Moroccans are the few remaining colonised societies.