Waruguru dumped

Kyuks betrayal in the city ni riwaya njema sana.


What’s Moses Kuria fate ?

She hasn’t been shortchanged. Ruto has plenty of senior government positions to disburse. She will definetely get one.

Let’s wait and see its a delicate balancing act.

The thing is entitlement, gema nation want the juiciest part of the steak, sio mambo na under secretary ama chairman wa board ya pyretherum.

She can be the UN high commission rep for Kenya? A PS. State House Representative. Ambassador to the UK……Kazi kubwa ni mingi.

BTW sio mingi vile unafikiria. The number of people waiting to be rewarded is giving Hustler sleepless nights. They by far outweigh the jobs and they know it. It’s an absolute nightmare and I have this on authority from an insider.

Natak namba yake nisafishe rungu.

When are we starting a cult?Is what I want to know.

Kama watu walikataa yeye mbona apewe position,it is the reason why Kenya will never move forward…mnatema incompetent person,kesho unamuona kwa Air force wakienda music festivals na Riggy G.Read Jaguar,Malala na kina KJ.
And we still talking of bloating wage bill

Her foul mouth is needed to keep babu owino one at bay

Babu Owino would embarrass her,I don’t think she cam dare

:D:D you are my cult leader so lead the way.

Am ready anytime.