A story/is told about the said creature and its forgetful nature.
There is a scandal in a rich people’s school and as a warthog nation guess what boom a grave issue in a poor people’s school.

gO drunk, yoU are HomE!

Hustler Nation, let them get one of their own in state house, and all their problems will be solved. Si weko na Sonko .

what a pathetic vacuum head. now that air sneaked into your vacuum brain, is this what you can excrete? i pity the generations you will be procreating

An inquisitive one my brainless fren. One not afraid of asking serious questions.

At the time Osama was driving jumbo jets into New York skyscrapers, tons of gold were disappearing from the gold reserves. And a plan to bomb innocent Iraq was already on the table. It’s a harsh world out there for the weak and poor. No Ngai arî o gîtî-inî.

Huyu ni adui…