Wars are won before even going to the battlefield.

Azimio had a plan to rig election. Their plan was for this election to use the manual system. In the manual system, when a voter arrives at a polling station he/she provides an ID. The clerk checks the name against a register and then you are issued with ballot papers and proceed to vote. Now in this kind of system at the end of the day when voting has been completed, assuming that not everyone showed up to vote there are ballot papers that remained that cannot be accounted for. This Is where now rigging used to take place. Take the remaining ballot papers, tick your preferred candidate and stuff them in ballot boxes and your candidate wins. Kenya Kwanza new of this plan because they’ve done it before. They insisted on the use of the Kims kit which accounts for every voter who votes electronically. Here when you decide to do ukora the numbers are not going to match and you can easily tell if you are robbed off victory. At the end of the process the number of votes tallied must be equal to the number of voters who showed up to vote. And if you could not be indentified by your fingerprints, a photo of you had to be taken whilst holding your ID and name taken down. Kenya Kwanza believed they had the numbers. That’s why they fought so hard for the process to be transparent. They won fair and square and the Azimio guys know it. They are trying to “negotiate” and see what they can get.

venezuelans angle?

I was going to say no because you don’t know what the enemy has in store…only to find another one of these abhorrent threads.
War is phenomenal. Don’t compare it to this fluff.

You need to think like your enemy, something we call anticipation.

It was a smoke screen. Give them something to keep them busy wasahau to skim how to win

Azimio-ites lost this war before it began !
Hapa hapa ktalk they were counting on deep state.

Ati sijui you cannot dishonor an outgoing president and have his blessings…, something along that line.
They knew hawana votes.

They were not concerned about a free and fair election, only that baba wins. Now they’re talking about going to get “justice”, :smiley:

people who love justice cannot wish their candidate be rigged in .

Mnajua ruling ya supreme court ama?

We voted in Ktalk, Ruto won, Kenyans voted,IEBC, confirmed our prediction, opinion polls Tu Raila was winning