My snitch in Intel system tells me Mr. Ibu has assigned a certain expert in cyber crime to investigate ktalk and bring all talkers to book for spreading nudity, dealing in porn, inappropriate language and moral decadence. Talkers be ware and let’s meet in kamiti.

Yet he doesn’t know wesi wa 2 billion? Mtoto ya mbwa mushienzi.

Alikula ngapi pale Ruaraka land

nimefunga handle

Kenya has mass murderers,mass rapists, mass looters, mass defilers, mass smugglers, human traffickers and all sorts of evil,demonic people walking free. You think they will prosecute users off a stupid blog?
Ukisumbuliwa, lipa pesa uachiliwe.
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A needle in an haystack scenario
The site is registered and hosted in Majuu, it will be a tall order for the 'certain cyber crime expert’ to get to track down any member. They cant even coerce the owners of Ktalk to give them email addresses attached to the usernames. Even in the unlikely event of succeeding in doing so, thats like opening a Pandora box the emails of most talkers are pseudo accounts. Getting phone numbers attached to those emails?! :smiley:

Email providers like Hotmail, yahoo & google or Facebook cannot disclose that kind of personal data to US government unless there is a court order.
Sembuse hizi nchi zingine zinazotambulika kule kama Shit hole counties?!

At the end of it, ‘that certain cyber crime expert’ atakuwa amejikuna nywele hadi mvi zinammalisa kischwa!
@Micymas relax buda

Mr ibu = ghassia @Mundu Mulosi

probably ni kazi ya bitter @Mboch Kiburi

People have time

In short if Mr ibu you are here, FUCK YOU.

Niaje uweskhasia

Uko tutatengeneza kamiti talkers

this @Chiefguest pia ni mtiaji

Ambia ibu akicheza tutaweka nudes za watu yake yote:D:D

Let Ibu deal with criminals hapa hakuna criminal


We are not scared by small boys like your friend Ibu