I do find this message all time am dowloading torrents, ist true or its a hoax …see the pic attached [ATTACH=full]48023[/ATTACH]

me too

thats just an advert for that app, unless you are downloading/sharing something illegal, why care if your public IP is hidden or not

if your downloading via torrents i’d advice u to use vPN kama unatumia wi-fi ya mtaani… i stopped downloading torrents nikiwa home…I know download pale kwa cyber.

Diasporians akina Jirani na luo-merican ndio wako mashakani over downloading “illegal” torrents. I don’t see the need of using a VPN to download torrents Here in Kenya. Nobody cares if you are torrenting the latest brazzers DVD.

Man thats shit is for when ur in the US huku hakuna shida watu wana uza movie CBD live

Huyo VPN hutumiwa vipi. Mtu anierevushe

true true

Hata hawa watu wa hollywood hawatambui kuna nchi inaitwa kenya so wewe download bila wasi wasi

Ukiwa mtaa nobody gives a shyt so u dont need it but ukiwa mayuu u need it.

of course if youre a whistleblower then you definitely need a VPN first …then you use tor browser through that vpn…if you use tor browser alone all your ISP needs to do is establish the traffic going to Tor’s servers and they got you