I have in my possession names of several male members masquerading as women here and engaging in very steamy inbox talk, now gentlemen, why would you pretend to be a woman and then amp up the sex chatting with other guys who think you’re a woman? As in surely ,are you people gay ama hii ni fom gani? Some of you going as far as talking about what you will do to or with the guy you’re chatting with. Theres forums for gay people you need not traumatise heterosexual man after mumeongea all kinds of sex chats unamshow btw am a man? Surely,do you knw how traumatic this is after a maan amefungua roho na kila kitu to find out he was doing it with another guy? Please this is not the on the DL forum where married closet homos come to look for gay lovers under false pretenses of masquerading as women. Munajijua,if you dont stop, I will expose you here plus all your sex chats plus your big reveal ,where you admit to being a man , shhhhame on you goats. If you dont stop this I will expose you one by one porcupine!

Did you forget to use your male handle while posting this? Gay chieth

Jinga. Toa upuss hapa.

Sasa hii moto pale Kasa ni mashetani gani? Damn whats with our country?

Cote de Ivoire unasinya sana.

homosexual @screwplus uwache hii tabia saitan wewe

@Deorro amesema wewe ni mjulubeng holder

@girlciki93 you have been WARNED!

Mimi ni ndume nimewahi kumpanda?muulize hilo swali.

@Deorro kuja ujibu mashtaka hapa…

wewe ni ndume homosexual tunakujua

@Marty McFly be warned you Gaylord!!!

I think my prayers are being answered this week am so excited… Indeed HIS timing is tye best

Sasa kama president mwenyewe ako on the DL munaexpect nin?

@admin anzishia hawa mashoga their own forum waende wakakatiane huko unfortunately this forum is now a gay community magnet, all Kenyan gays are coming here to look for boyfriends, this is a very bad picture coz with idlers like Cyprian Nyakundi on the loose looking for mecene , this a time bomb waiting to expolde vile Ktalk is an undercover gay online forum. Pls some of us are deacons hatutaki aibu ndogo ndogo pls weed out these rogue gay elements otherwise me I will sell this info in my possesion to Robert alai

Name n shame em

I have told you severally that i will not entertain your nonsense Shikwekwe.

makena meffi idler. look at your posts on this handle and see the glaring monologues.

mtoto wa mbwa usinizoee

I noticed this a while back ndio maana these days I’m just on the DL coz gay catfish na parodies ni wengi sana hapa