WARNING - GRAPHIC IMAGES: Worst pictures ever posted here.


meffi ww





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Aaaawww TF!! Me na expect some gory viking epic shit wewe unapost nguruwe porcupine pussy na icecream!!! hawa watu wanatoka wapi

Nkt… wapi graphic pics niwank nazo



According to the information I received, the accident happened in São Paulo, Brazil. The biker was operating a 1,000cc Yamaha YZF R1, and while cruising the highway at an excessively high speed, lost control and hit the guardrail.

He wore a sturdy helmet, but the guardrail mangled him enough for the helmet to not make any difference in saving his life.

niccer ua suffering from a condition known as zoophilia this are animal posts but to you nikama nudes tafuta vet

Na nyinyi wengine

where the picture?

@introvert where the Tata?

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Here the TATA…

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Hehe you are not even flogging a dead horse…you’re vigorously beating the ground where a horse once died

as for you signore @introvert, how long shall you let your art be the blunt tool with which these bland wits bludgeon any seeming flaw in others so as to assuage their own ineptitudes?

Slow day at the workshop, Sir.

tata inibebe pia. nimeelewa the first sentenze pekee.
Also ni kama @Patrome hujaingia reddit.com. hapo mbaka ghost ya horse huchapwa:D:D

swidfil makende scrotum

@Swidfil Makanje wewe haujui graphic image, enda bestgore.com hautalala kama wewe ni faint hearted

tembea liveleak ndio the home of horror

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