Warning against eating fish


We can’t afford tuna next


We don’t need to multiply coz Kenya is already full .infact we should be castrated by chemical ingestion coz vile watu wanazaana kama Mendez na hawana pesa za kulea hizo takataka, Africans utaskia masikini ikizaa na kusema mtoto hukam na sahani ,what the fuck , plate from where ?


Tilapia ya lake Victoria na “deep sea fish” haziambatani


Hatutishwi, kila siku tunakunywa fake alcohol With heavy metals, na tumezalisha 6 DNA confirmed kids


Hizo ngege nowadays are very few. Most fish consumed ni za pond na china. Unakula samaki na haina harufu ya fish at all


I’ve been to the lakeside this year kuna restaurants Kwa shore selling fresh fried delights. Unatoka hapo unanuka halal unlike @KuwaitBabe ananukisha kitunguu na samaki imeoza Kwa mwarabu

Omera, sisi amekula hii samaki since time immemorial na bado sisi nazaana kama panya.


All the sewage and industrial waste in kisumu and lakeside towns ends up in lake victoria and the fish is also contaminated. All the pesticides used in western kenya, nyanza, kisii and neighbouring RV areas also end up in the lake.


Simple question, “Is Lake Victoria containing deep sea fish?”
If you opened the link then you would know the “scientists” mentioned Shark, Swordfish, tilefish & King mackerel yet the editor saw it fit to put tilapia as the caption photo


Selected heavy metal levels in water and fish from winam gulf in Lake Victoria near Kisumu city, Kenya


Fish samples were also collected in triplicates from the lake near Kisumu City. The samples were analyzed for heavy metals (Cd, Cr, Cu, Fe, Mn, Pb and Zn) using a calibrated AAS (6200 Shimadzu Model) following standard methods. There were variations at (p ≤0.05) in the heavy metal levels with sites but not with seasons in both water and fish samples. The range of levels (µg/L) of all analyzed metals in lake water were: 0.20 (Cd) – 334 (Mn). The levels of all analyzed metals in the edible fish tissues (µg/g, dw) ranged from 0.40 (Pb) to 90.85 (Mn). The metal levels in lake water and fish were above WHO limits. The relatively high metal levels in water and fish were attributed to intense anthropogenic activities near the lake. Therefore, consumption of water and fish from Winam Gulf may pose health risks to the residents.

Since you are missing the point of Lake being different from ocean as the article focuses on fish from the ocean … Let me chime in the metals you are concerned about give you balls of steel :laughing:

Noma, so industries zina dump waste huko?

Why do these findings always come out too late, juzi wamesema tomatoes pia zinachemicals, sasa tukule nini?

Deep sea fish is a rare delicacy for 99% of humans. Irrelevant stories like this are why newspapers are dying fast

Eti baba nation iko na sida? Bure kabisa. Ngombe ici

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Hata red snapper, black, white snapper ni deep sea fish. Not all fined fish are tllapia.


Na si wee mwenyewe ukona mtoto, in fact, you have posted pics here kama unamfunza. So why are you talking like this? Unataka kuzalisha lakini wengine wakatazwe?

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Everything is dangerous including Aluminium used to make Sufurias. Stirring food with metal spoon is deemed unhealthy

I wish I never recreated , that was a huge mistake in this world . Imagine a childless ghaseeer like @Kodiaga . Hata 3rd world war inukie he can volunteer as suicide bomber bila tashwish. Santa Pharmacy? He will be busy burrowing tunnels to protect his kids banae . I told my mgtow brother he made the right choice. The only prison where a man can bury his bloody fetish and appear to be good raising a family ni plantation. Fuck kids .