Wardrobe Malfunction ..??

While still trying to clearly process what might be going on …

Was this Deliberate …
Or a Wardrobe Malfunction … ??? :D:D


I’ve seen the video. It was deliberate. There is no way you can go on top of a car and let people take videos and pics of you while others are fingering you and you still dancing while exposing yourself to who ever is interested and call it a wardrobe malfunction

Hiyo ni tabia ya Mapipaa kama @uwesmake akiona Mashoga anawapa show ya ku Ass-clap like there is No tomorrow.

Weka video

Hii post wall sio mbaya

@uwesmake akinusanusa glue atadeenyer hio Mali hadharani Kama umbwa

Hawa ni maliar wa South africa

Wapi phindeo?

Nilipost kitambo dancing on top of car

mkamba illiterate @PHARMACY alizaliwa kwa choo ya brothel mama yake akiuza kuma mlolongo. hajui baba yake ni nani

Hehe, she could have some excuse for the open dress, but ordinary human females still wear shoes and panties. She must be extraordinarily bold, and bored.

Hehehe …
The exigencies and unfair demands of Global Warming on the Human Body …
That said …
This younger generation of females have set new wardrobe standards … :D:D

Wueh, it’s what it is. Throw her to the starving juveniles for correction.

[QUOTE=“Lionheart, post: 4074057, member: 67723”
Throw her to the starving juveniles for correction …[/QUOTE]

The majority of juveniles in here are Gaayy , Faggots , Wimps or highly depndent Mama’s boys …
I highly doubt their capabilities to handle this “Hot Potatoe” … :D:D


Spineless disappointing delinquents!


Mentally sick woman

Hio … :D:D