Ward 11

I must have woken up a day later after being tranquilised. All I remember is I was in this room with lots of chaps in uniform with stripes and I was fighting them front, back centre. Almost had a tooth taken off, or an eye. Some guy saved me, took me aside and convinced me to trade in my three quarter camouflage shorts in exchange for a pair of stripped uniform trouser which I foolishly did.
When the effect of drugs wore out, I later found out I was in a hospital, I was in a mental asylum with all the psychos from all over Kenya. We were held in a dorm like structure with a high walls around it. There were all kinds of dudes with mental problems, some were so far gone, others looked very normal to the untrained eye. The Routine here is wake up at 5, hit the showers or not, despite the freezing morns some guys were crazy enough to actually go ahead and bathe. Next would be the banging on the gate till first light or till it was opened so we could out for tea and two slices of bread. Next would be the basking time, just sitting around. At ten am would be meds time, woe unto you if you try and skive, some crazies would be up on your case looking for you and they would make sure to you take your meds by force.
Men there were guys shitting their pants, others rummaging through the dust bin for left overs, others talking in tongues or tearing of their clothes to remain nude. I was the guy always trying to figure a way to escape this shit hole. After meds, in would come these interns taking our vitals, asking questions and taking them down.
After some days I felt like I was the sanest so I would be directing the others on what to do, there was this kid I came to be close to, let’s call him brayo, a real nut case out of college, KMTC to be precise, lets call him Brayo. He once told me he was always in a pensive mood since the other crazies kept picking on him, he had even fashioned a knife out of a broken spoon, we didn’t use spoons in there because of occurrences like this. Thank God he never had the chance of using it.
One day I was out trying to fetch water to bathe with and some nut case was there saying we could get none, I went balistic on him and soon there was a scuffle. Orderlies came in to separate us, I was identified as the one who caused all the trouble and was whisked into solitary confinment, where I stayed the whole day, I had nothing to piss into so I helped myself in a corner. I even started seeing things and hearing stuff that weren’t there after staying too long alone. In the evening I was let out and back to the dorm in time for my evening meds. There was something about those evening meds, once we took them there was nobody up, all night it was quite.
We were always monitored like animals in a zoo or some messed up experiment. I could always catch them monitoring our behaviors. We had a small hall with puzzles, scrabble and some music system. That was my peaceful place, yet still there were medics there watching our every move and most probably taking mental notes but acting like they were just being friendly.
Another time we were outside enjoying the rare sunshine when some guy started picking on Brayo, and slapping him around I just could take it and I stood up to the guy and told him if he had a grudge he would have to get past me. The dude was well built, he gave me a slap which took me down. I got up like a man and rushed towards where where the orderlies were, causing a scene and saying if I wasn’t taken into solitary immediately I was going to murder a human Haha. I was taken into solitary, but today the guys locking me up said I would stay overnight because I was trouble.
No human should stay alone for too long, in there I went bonkers, took my zipper and started scratching words onto to the walls, one thing I remember is etching out “Wolf of Wall Street”, “Dune was here”. Ukijipata uko ndani na uone iyo inscription jua umefika.
I later found that my underbite was fixed, that slap must have re-aligned my jaw!

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are you still in there?

are u still there?

No nilitoka 2016

Only two slices of bread? That would make me crazy

Hehe yeah! Drove me nuts, pia luch, maybe nyama mbili ama moja

Very in humane of them, those meds make those guys hungry, feeding them like that is absolutely wrong.

Kumbe unatambua hizo meds, makes you hungry af

Pole. How are you now?

I am just like any other Joe on this streets

Not really but I’ve seen family go through the meds, its tough.
2 slices of bread is what I’m surprised at, even a normal person does not last an hour on that.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

its a continuation

The problem with our country ni vile the government still buy medicines that were being used in 1960s. A million and one side effects and they don’t treat optimally.

Budgetary allocation ndiyo shida. SSRIs and SSARIs are quite expensive.

This rhetoric of government saying everything expensive sometimes doesn’t add up. If there’s a drug going for 2 bob and another one going for 5 bob…they still say the one for 5bob is expensive. I know they’re expensive but on the other hand, government buys through tender. Just approach a pharmaceutical company selling the best quality and agree on the best price based on quantities. Am sure these patients aren’t many compared to say like a budget for antibiotics. Shida ni vile half of the budget allocated ends up in people’s pockets!

It is usually in your best interest(s) to take a full dose of whatever has been prescribed for you :smiley:

waaa…hope uko fitii kaka. napenda hekaya zako…ni different.