War Is Only Good When It Is Satanic NATO Slaughtering Brown Babies

I don’t mince my words and sing praises to Satanists from the West whose sole purpose is to rape this world and steal resources under the guise of bringing Freedom and Democracy.

The wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan don’t attract condemnation from the West because the victims in those countries are not Caucasians. So when Putin kills the White Nazis in Ukraine everyone is being forced to be sad.

Conservative estimates are thought to be between 275,000 and 306,000 Iraqi civilians killed by direct violence since the U.S. invasion but the real figure is close to 1 million

Same case applies to Syria, Libya, Afghanistan but you will NEVER hear Sodomites and their EU puppets condemning these atrocities.

My Wish?
This war to spread to Western Europe as far West as Spain so that they can taste a dose of their Own medicine.

Stupid cowardly NATO have finaly been confronted by a Nuclear armed rival and they can’t do sh!t about it like they are used to in the Middle East. Any attempt to fvck with Russia would be a grave mistake.

Long live Putin, Ayatollah, Xi, Maduro, Kim Jong and Assad


You normally write 96.478932 per cent bullshit. Lakini hapa niko na wewe kama mboro na makende…

Na wewe mubabu si uko vulgar? Wewe ni mubaharia Nini?

King Charles will not be amused by this

@rexxsimba asiwaskie mkiingilia NATO.

The US and NATO follow in the footsteps of their colonizer ancestors.

Under the guise of helping the savages, they pillage and destroy black and brown people.

why are you gay you antediluvian snob?

But YOU are quite happy trying to sanitize what Russia and Wagnar Mercenaries have done in Afghanistan , Syria , Chad and Ukraine …???

Shenzi Kabisa …

Aty kii?:D:D

Ni pronoun za sheng’ ama ni Nini? Since there is Mubaba, Mumama then automatically there is Mubabu.

Tell us about the endless War crimes committed by Sodom over the last 80 years

Down with the United sodom of Gomorrah