Wapi Raira?! Wapi raira atetee hoi polloi??!

Na kwani zilikuwa billioni ngapi hizo alipewa, hizo zimemnyamazisha hivo? How many pieces of silver did he sell Wanjiku for?
Mtetezi wa wanyonge uko wapi bana? It’s a walking nation baba! Baba hata mafuta ya kuchemsha sturungi wamekataa nayo! Baba maisa kwisa kuwa ngumu saidi juu ya saidiiii !!

[SIZE=1]peasant problems…[/SIZE]

baba hata wameua mrembo Sharon Otieno!!

But seriously where is baba-man? Nilicheka jana juu hata Peter Kenneth anajua kikiumana, you run to baba.

“I gave my report on VAT to his excellency the former prime minister so he can pass it on to the higher ups!”

So livid he couldn’t mention the names of the higher ups.

Baba is enjoying the fruit of traitorship. Umbwer yeye.

Why are you guys abusing Raila, for one he is not running the country. Ask the president to mend the economy, lower the standards of living etc. When Raila tried he was called a traitor, i wouldn’t mind if he sits back and relax. Like what a few scribes have said, its time the ordinary Kenyan feels the pinch to understand what bad governance and corruption does to a country. But till then, let Raila enjoy his peace, the guy is 80+…let him relax. After all he isn’t the one that was rubberstamping the uncontrolled borrowing. Kenyans choose just to be blind even when shown where the problem is.

I think Raila has had a bad influence on Kenyans. Who will replace him as the official opposition? Hata when he was in the grand coalition govt, he was the official opposition.

This is the time for those interested in running for president in 2022. We need an opposition. Myself I cannot be a politician because I am a peasant.

A firm grip on reality you got there.

leo nimelipa an excess of ten shillings going to town but nkanyamaza nkijua tunaumia pamoja na kumira battalion who woke very early to rubberstamp bad governance.

hajatusiwa. nauliza ako wapi in this dark hour.

na mwenye matatu na dere na makanga na hata petrol station wataumia pia. So hio 16% ataitoa wapi exactly?

Experience is always the best teacher. The next time watu wata ambiwa bad governance watakumbuka experiences

nikiwa ndani unapiga kelele,nikiwa nnje unanung’unika kisha wasema raila ni eskarioti…

If i can be clear, abuse is when someone wants to use you as a duster at hour of need but immediately after the tribulations they libel you with unprintable words.

If he comes forth, not bad, until some spin master will credit him for destabilizing Kenia, let you and me feel the pinch to be wiser, failure to which there will be no learning, no lesson.

Vumilia hali yako till you can’t so that you hold your govt to account, we are heading Argentina’s path or Venezuela if no corrective rebuttal comes forth in time.

I now see why they kept Miguna out of the country. With the current situation, and all the Baba orphans around and his zero chills way of going about things, he would have gained some serious political mileage.

4b annually until 2022. From your taxes.

Baba amepata political landing soft na like a hawk in the trees, anangojea next elections.

Lets call kenyan politics what it is… the art of betrayal. Wacha tuangalia hii siasa yetu under the microscope and look at the Betrayer and betrayed…

baba’s first attempt at meaningful power was 1982 when he backed Wanakinia Hezekiah Ochuka and Pancreas Okumu for the top job.
Betrayer: Baba
Betrayed: Nyayo.

Now lets fast forward to NDP-KANU Merger. Nyayo brought Baba on board. He led baba on to believe by merging NDP with KANU, he would have a stab at the presidency but Moi all along wanted Uhunye and thats the guy he pushed through.
Betrayer: Moi.
Betrayed: Baba (although in this instance, baba did get the last laugh by litraly destroying KANU from within)

Haya… during the NDP-KANU shenanigans, baba had promised Simeon Nyachaye ‘Nyandusi’ that he would back him for the top job only to hear baba say “Si Kibaki Tosha!”
betrayer: baba
Betrayed: Nyachae

Alafu kulikua na MOU between kibaki na baba that Kibaki would serve 1 term then turn stuff over to baba and we all now what happened there:
Betrayer: Kibaki.
Betrayed: Baba

In the run up to the 2013 elections, Ruto and Uhunye had promised Madvd the top job and as Madvd put it, “walikuja kula manndazi kwangu wakisema they will support me for the presidency”, only to turn around and for uhuru to say “hio ilikua mashetani walinidanganya usiku”
Betrayer: Uhunye, manrutz
Betrayed: Madvd.

Haya, in this last election, raila said if he loses thats the end. Amaenda home and he will support one of his principles for the job. But as we can see, he is gunning for the top seat come 2022.
Betrayer: Raila
Betrayed: kalonzo, Madvd, Weta

And there are so many more examples

Dont forget manrutz was a peasant

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Nowadays Raila has good table manners, alifukuzwa kwa meza post 2002

why would he? he is not affected by the changes