Wapi Julian Assange Groupies....Bad News!

The British government approved an extradition order on Friday for Julian Assange, the embattled WikiLeaks founder, confirming a court decision that he can be sent to the United States to stand trial on espionage charges, though his legal fight against the decision is not over.

An image of Julian Assange was projected in London in April to mark three years since his arrest and detention in the Belmarsh prison.

While the order is a blow for Mr. Assange, whose case is seen by rights groups as a potential challenge to press freedom, he is likely to once again appeal the decision in a British court, and the government said he had 14 days to do so.

The Home Office, in a statement, pointed to a British court ruling that did not find “that it would be oppressive, unjust or an abuse of process to extradite Mr. Assange.” Additionally, the statement said, the courts did not find that extradition “would be incompatible with his human rights, including his right to a fair trial and to freedom of expression, and that whilst in the U.S. he will be treated appropriately, including in relation to his health.”
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Mr. Assange’s defense team has yet to say what comes next, although WikiLeaks said on Friday that it would appeal. The approval of the order by Priti Patel, the home secretary, is just the latest turn in a long-running court battle and comes after a British court ordered Mr. Assange’s extradition in April.

Are all these fights worth it? Some say they are but the man has sacrificed more than a decade of his life in detention for people who ultimately either do not understand the issues at stake, do not care, or know but remain ungrateful. Usishindane na ndovu kukunia. Be pragmatic and always negotiate a soft landing for yourself. Ule jamaa wa Mungiki anaishi soft life.

What did he do?

His biggest crime was exposing US War Crimes in Afghanistan.
Then he also partly helped expose the extent of US Spying; which is normal, but he also exposed how the US spies on its supposed allies, most damagingly Angela Merkel. And how they use the spying to blackmail officials in foreign countries. Kenya was among the most spied on countries, I wouldn’t know why. But the US retrieves and stores an unimaginably large amount of communication in Kenya.

For Kenya we also got to understand that we didn’t go to Somalia ati because some tourists in Kikambala were killed. We had been ordered (by the US of course) to basically invade Somalia and the Kikambala shootings may have been a false flag operation to manufacture domestic consent.

Hii Jamaa na yule mwingine anaitwa Snowden wanakapitia.

Heri Snowden ako for the time being under protection ya Putin. Mwingine alikipitia, but inakaa US has a soft spot for trans-people ni Chelsea Manning. Alikipata hadi she tried to commit suicide at some point. The guy who turned her in, had it worse. Watu walimuingilia hadi he committed suicide. The US Government said he died of accidental drug use, but the amount of pills he consumed points at suicide.

Chelsea alipenya tu hivo yeye. Kuna mwingine pia niliona alidenounce US citizenship juu hayo stori

The question remains, who killed Jeffery Epstein? That’s how you’ll start unraveling this rabbit hole

Assange will not hang himuselefu

I pity vijana who came into age last 10 years.

Bombarded by so much info, it is hard for them to grasp what is really going on. Kazi ni following trends