Waparuyia na ukali.

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Anyway it seems a paruyia will kill you over this white dish they call ukali, busuma, obusuma, liposo, sifu, siumba mechi, vuchima etc etc.


Police in Kakamega County are holding a 14-year-old Class Six pupil who is alleged to have killed his schoolmate over a meal of Ugali and Kunde.
The pupil is then reported to have dumped the body of the deceased at River Simakina in Navakholo, Kakamega County.

Navakholo OCPD Richard Omanga confirmed the incident saying, the deceased aged 10 years was looking after his family’s cattle when he was ambushed and attacked by his schoolmate.

The two pupils were neighbours.

It is reported that the Class Six pupil arrived home from school on Thursday and was informed that the food he intended to eat had been eaten by his neighbour.

He then pursued him and hit him on the head with a blunt object, killing him on the spot before throwing his body into the river.

On Friday, the minor arrived in school and informed his teachers that he had killed his schoolmate.

He then led them to the scene where the body was found in the water.
The OCPD said the body had serious head injuries and was taken to Kakamega Referral and Hospital mortuary as investigations to the case continue.

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