Kujia pande za Diani utapata kabla zipande, bypass will make them appreciate considerably in about 5 years time. na beaches pia ni safi kabisa.

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Thanks,zinaenda na ngapi?size?

35 M for half an acre.

Front row ama?


Uko area hizo ama?will inbox you soon.

I am a regular there.

35m ama 3.5?

Ngai, oneni huyu!

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Chief…try Kasa clayworks…33 x70 plot go for 3m-4m…grab 1, make your house kwa ground floor n pandisha flats juu. Rents zimefika 17-22k…Just put 2 gates for privacy…Occupy ground floor n make money from the rentals…


I am sincere. If you are throwing around 35m like pocket change, then this kijiji is su rely way out of my league.

Kitengela is sawa. But buy on the side of tuskys. The other side had deteriorated to an industrial zone. If you move further out the both sides are sawa for now.

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Talking of mbrots anywhere else unaweza get 33 by 66 bei poa genuine

kitengela and those cement factories all over the place is not one of the best places to bring up kids. for speculation purposes that’s ok

Try Ruiru, Kiganjo Rd (Exit 13). There is Daykio Bustani and Mhasibu 1/4 acre gated and serviced at 4-5M.


If you have nothing positive to contribute you should keep your negative vybe to yourself and away from genuine information seeking threads.

I may have made the guy rethink his approach and saved him his money in the process, you never know.

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Wapi ? Rudimashabani ?

Kanunga, kibubuti , ihigaini even Laini ni sawa… remember people had same thinking about kawaida …nataka hapo Rudimashabani