When inspired am worse than both combined.
I only gave you some free advice, you are putting the cart before the donkey.

It’s a good place to start, achana na huyu. Lack of information is what will hurt you. Find what you want then go from there.

So i would just have asked " iwant a plot"?i have the money i dont have the plot…if i had the plot in Muchatha i would have simply said plot for sale-muchatha…get the logic?Hapana ogopa kutumia brain haiwezi isha sio sabuni.


You got a long way to go, once the money is gone (assuming it’s there in the 1st place) minus the plot, don’t fear coming here to post a sob thread, we will comfort you accordingly.

Ok,tell me the way to go…how would i have done it…i don’t have a clue where i can get a plot for that amount,if wishes were horses and i had the right amount…no Asking…Spring Valley…Kyuna…Loresho. hapo mzee.

Ina a remote area place remote sana

tbis is the beach…ukivuka the other aide kuna Hemingways Beach resort na Venta Club

Wazito saidieni,mimi ndio sioni ama nini?beach hapa iko wapi?naona maji tu.

Kanunga ata ukipewa bure share hiyo. Crime there is on its own level


You are in the right place asking the right question.
Take note of the answers and then tour those areas to see for yourself.

You are right men.

Banana and insecurity weeeuuuuh

@Purr kwani that is your hood?

We now know where your hacienda is… mmhhh

@uwesmake and @Wakanyama Si mnyandue huyu mrembo ndio awachane name mimi.

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Whoever has hope has everything

Keep hoping in vain…

hawaezi nyandua @kawambui ma’am labda ungeita one or all of this
homo @junkie CREAMPIED
homo @Web Dev Gikunda
homo @Jirani GAY baby boy
homo @Atwoli
homo @Mugo BLACK ROACH


Wacome. Someone is ovulating

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jeso! :eek: be easy

Nahh bt I know kuna insecurity …unless situation changed