Wazito wa kijiji,i landed a windfall at the beginning of the month and thinking on how to invest i have decided to buy a plt where i paln to build a family home.Am looking for a prime plot preferably within 20kms radius of Nairobi city.A quarter acre will suffice.
Wazito @gashwin,Supu don,@couch,@mabenda,@aviator etc i need your input.Mabroker pia wanaweza changia kitunguu inuke.


You can get a plot for less on a 10-15km radius from Nairobi cbd

A good secure neighbourhood,amenities vipi?

Athi river and kitengela pia unaweza pata with less money pia, Jana nimeona Luna bungalow inauzwa 6.5 m kwa plot ya 1/8 in a gated community of 40 house huko kitengela

It depends tafuta vizuri

Kama ni quarter na hiyo pesa enda kangundo rd past ruai.

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Forget about gated communities. The service charges will just be equivalent to renting.

Cheki these plots. Approx 22kms from CBD.

NB: I am just giving these plots as indicators of what you can get in Kiambu. Am not recommending any of them coz I even dont know them.

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hanks will check them out.

Kamiti corner 4.5m for 1/8 of an acre security iko on point and it’s very accessible…you can also check kiamumbi

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End of Kahawa Sukari Estate, there are 50x100 plots sold at 4m… Or Ruiru near Police Station on your way to Githunguri (better) at 3m, 50x100…

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Ask around Banana/Raini. The natives have finally started selling. 3-5M.


kama unaeza pata mtu anajuana na watu juja south estate kuna watu wanauza zao at the same price they bought 900k

Kamiti corner is 800m metres from kijani ridge once they start building plots in kamiti hazitanunulika…

Banana would be a no go zone for me.But that is just me.

I understand, esp if you’re the “wrong” tribe. Thats why places like Kamulu, kitengela etc are popular coz of the mixed tribes.

Somebody mentioned Ndumberi earlier on this thread, which I consider worse than Banana. 10 years ago, Muchatha was like Banana, and that stretch between Ruaka and Ndenderu was maize and tin roofs. If you are not looking to build and live, all those areas are perfect for speculation or rental developments.



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This is the most stupid approach I have ever heard from anyone looking to buy land. Dude, brokers and conmen will milk you dry. You never start by proclaiming what you have and then look for the land.
As its always said, a fool and his money…


Kujia beach plot 1 acre na 25m

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That is why i asked the villagers,am completely anonymous here so i don’t have anything to worry about,ama unataka leta ujinga ya @Art na madam @aviator hapa?

Wacha za ovyo…beach am “bitch” plot…Kama ni beach plot sijaskia moja inauzwa bei ya mkate 25m?really?

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