WANTED: Beware!

DCI has put a notice that this lady should be arrested on sight for grievous crimes.

Most talkers know her or have been victims

The suspect who claims to be a Private Investigator & CEO for Trimo Security Limited has been charged with various offences:-

In 2015, She was accused & charged with detaining a man for hours after forcing him to pay Ksh.440,000 to her-

That same year, she was also accused of Personating a person employed in the Public service whereby she stormed the office of the victim’s lawyer (The detained man’s lawyer) & introduced herself as a Police officer- searched the house & created disturbance.

Further, she is accused of abducting a Nrb businessman & locking him up in her office at Baba Ndogo & forced him to pay a debt of Ksh. 400K- She was charged with abduction, personation & Creating disturbance vide CR141/183/2015. All cases withdrawn under Sect. 204 of Penal Code.

On 12 th Dec. 2016, her employees: Isaac Ndirangu, Noreen Malala & Michael Gita robbed off a man ksh. 90K which he had withdrawn from a Bank after they had introduced themselves as Police Officers- they were carrying a Radio Phone, Handcuffs & a Pistol & were charged with Robbery

On 15th August 2019, Ms Jane Wawira Mugo while at New Muthaiga Este drew a Pistol & threatened to KILL a man on allegations that he was spying for a relative of the Director in a Company where she was the Private Investigator vide CR141/325/2019. To report at nearest P/ Station.

Atamaliza hizo kesi.
Unaona mukubwa tu alafu unaingia chini ya mayii

Hii hapotei, hii DCI na wakubwa wa odpp wanamtaka.

Digi kihiiiiiiii

Digi kihiiiii

Kihií iiiiiiiiiiiii kirue