Want to work for a digital marketing agency from home?


My name’s Eskil, I own and operate a digital marketing company based in Sweden.

I’m currently looking for candidates for an open position as media buyer, compensation will be % of profits generated, so there’s very good potential for high earnings.

Send me a PM, or reply to this thread and let’s talk!

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Media Buyer? is that being a customer or what?

Go buy Public likes

Inbox me with details. Let’s see how this goes.

No, you would help me contact local Kenyan websites owners. If they agree to install ads on their website, you get a % of the overall profits that we produce from all the websites you recruit.

how do you calculate the profits from a website?

I am intersted. I have been in content development for Upwork for a while now. I’m in journalism and related field. Is this position still available. Am intersted.

I have active campaigns in Kenya. Profits are largely dependant on the quality on a website and how much it costs to have ads on. But as a reference, a website with 10 000 daily visitors would roughly equal $10-30 daily profit. So, take a website with 100k daily, the potential is huge.

Send me a PM with your skype username and let’s talk.

what about adult websites?

Can work yes.