Want to experience Africa? go to UAE. Arabs eating Africa's lunch

The sales pitch though.


By the time Africa gets her shit together which will be 300 years from now, the world will have no use of anything from this dark continent.

Any smart person already knows that Africa is beyond redemption. We have too many bonobos among us to save ourselves as a whole from being taken advantage of. The only thing you can do is save yourself and maybe your nuclear family and say fk everyone else. Make your millions and enjoy as every other bonobo struggles with their life decisions e.g breeding like rats :smiley:

No wonder akina Balala were kissing ass so hard over tourism in Dubai. Wouldn’t be surprised if some of the flora and fauna came from here.

Clearly you are not as smart as you think you are. The world is billions of years old, but you want to view it through the prism of a few years and from that narrow view make a prediction affecting no one knows how many more years to come.

True. I am not a genius. I know that I don’t know. Unfortunately, people like you don’t know that they don’t know and that’s a big problem.

It’s precisely because I know that I don’t know that I refrain from making absolutist predictions. You are the one making predictions over things you don’t know. Who’s the fool?

Interesting… but i wonder if it will pick up. It may become a curiosity but i think people would prefer to go to Africa for safari.

For example, kenya could build an exact replica of the eiffel tower in Nairobi. But i doubt whether the amount of tourists visiting will even approach those going to see the real eiffel tower.

And when it comes to an ecosystem of animals you simply cant replicate it. Stuff like the wilderbeast migration, the gorrillas in Uganda or the okavango delta cant be reproduced.

K-tok and twitter retards discovers theme parks.
What’s the problem, you’re mad Africans didn’t trademark wildlife, brown soil and shitty huts? [ATTACH=full]419813[/ATTACH]

Acheni kuwa alarmist. They can try all they want but nothing beats the real thing. No sane tourist globally will ever spend their hard earned money, pension or savings to go on an “African Safari” in UAE. The experience can never be the same. You can never claim to have gone on an African Safari if it wasn’t in Africa.

Are you Somali by any chance?

Bonobos wenzangu, that’s what good governance looks like. Diversification.

Also, the worry that this will affect tourism in Kenya is misplaced. The UAE wanaspread their tourism appeal, to feature natural attractions. Meaning their target is on existing markets, ndio wakitoka kuvisit the Burj Khalif, wanapitia safari kucheki lion-deh.

They have several theme parks in Europe and US molded around Africa. In fact some zoos around the world have a Africa section. One has to be creative and people are always looking for a different dining experience.

Sioni shida arabes waki.take charge

Plus the African savannah is just ‘down the road’ from the UAE. What’s the use flying all the way from the Western Hemisphere to go on a phony safari when the real one is just around the corner

Picture mongolians living in congo forest or the himba tribe in the apalachian mountains… farming thats what sharja zoo looks like. These mthfkrs had a polar bear and a whale shark cramped up behind dubai mall . Wrong animals ,wrong habitat

Are you one of those retards who think Islamic name=Arab or Somali? Unatafuta fellow tribesmen or just looking to start a tribal fight?
Your first mistake was assuming someone’s using their actual name as a forum username.

Unaongea mingi… jikune taco msee

You haven’t answered the question.

Hapo ni TZ wanapanga kudisplace Maasai?

I wish them success. Helping with animal conservation.