Want to enjoy a movie? Don't read a book based on it

I have read many books like “the day of the jackal,” pelican brief," “Bourne” and many others. Of all the novels that I have read prior to watching movie adaptations of them none has measured up to literature. The Bourne trilogy came close but the original works were still way better than the movie. Anyone else experience this? John Grishams suspension in the literally works are way too good than in any movie made off them. And that is just a few examples

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You should read the book after watching the movie

True, as childish as this may seem, an example, Harry Potter. The books are everything, the movies…aaaaah, not it.

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I once read Harry Potter and the chambers of secrets and when I sat down to watch the movie I was utterly disappointed. The movie didnt come close to the book. The movie appeared shallow and wasnt as descriptive as the book was.

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I haven’t watched a movie that lived up to the book. Authors have a gift in taking our minds on a journey that is never transfered to the screen. When I read the story of Carlos the Jackal, I couldn’t let it go, reading up to 2 in the morning, when I watched the movie, the script was so shallow that I found myself dozing.
Harry Potter too, I have never watched past the first movie. My mind refused and I didn’t want to be disappointed again

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sasa nisidhubutu kusoma Dune? I just wait for part 2 to come out?

Because books allow to integrate the plot to your own imagination

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Please teach them your ways master. Its all in the imagination.
What does a blind person experience reading braille and watching descriptive video of the same?
I for one im not an avid novel reading type of person,three pages and im out cold,i lack that imagination part but i can explain the whole shebang

Very true, there is something exciting about reading the novel than watching a movie based on the novel.
I read and watched the movies based on Robert Ludlum’s novels The Bourne identity, Bourne supremacy na hio ingine…

Also read the third twin by Ken Follett and also watched the movie based on the novel.

I prefer reading to watching. Mimi ni old school.

LOTR and the Hobbit were near identical to the books. But I agree most films based on books always fall short. They need a director who truly loves and understands the source material.

Worst is Tom Clancy’s novel adaptations

Tukiwa shule we watched merchant of venice it was way better than that set book.

i have read all Robert Ludlum and Sidney Sheldon books . my best ever non scholarly authors

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Novels describe a lot (feelings, perceptions,…name them all) compared to movies which are incapable of such

sighs in Wheel of Time

(I actually really enjoyed the Amazon series except for that godawful finale - will definitely be watching S2)

I totally get where you’re coming from, and sometimes it’s true that movies can’t capture all the details and depth of a good book. But, hey, it’s all about personal preferences, right? If you’re a Harry Potter fan, I found this awesome site https://bookwormera.com/harry-potter-books-in-order/ that can help you read the books in the right sequence. Why not give it a shot and experience the magical world of Harry Potter in a whole new way?

Personally, I’m all for enjoying a movie without spoiling it by reading the book first. Like, think about it, sometimes going in blind adds to the thrill, right? It’s like unwrapping a present without peeking beforehand! Plus, ain’t nobody got time to read a whole book just to catch a flick, especially when you’re itching to binge-watch something ASAP. So yeah, count me in for the movie-first club!

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