Want Africa To Achieve Its MDGs?

  1. Lock up ALL Africans in a concentration camp the size of Uganda, that gives you 53 empty countries
  2. Invite Germans, Brits, French to occupy those 53 nations for 50 years
  3. Free the few surviving Africans from the concentration camp and distribute them in each of the 53 nations to learn how to live in a developed continent.

jamaa siuende germany tu ukuwe mzungu.

True bro. That is the bitter truth, but even after going back into the already developed countries they will convert them into sh1tholes within just 10 years

Kama Seut Afrika?


It’s a nice idea

I finally believed that Africans have an inherent problem when I saw diasporans like @Purple and @Finest wine advocating for thugs back at home .You’d think that enjoying high standards of living in the West would make them intolerant to corruption lakini wapi ! I ask Randan woman a very simple question and she couldnt coherently come up with an answer
"Given Ruto’s history and reputation ,would he be allowed to vie for the position of UK PM where you live ? " no “then why are you drumming up support for him ?”
It goes to show you an African’s problems are deeper than we might think .Living in a developed country does not take ubonobo from you .

also just here in Kenya. look what we’ve done to Thika superhighway, Ngong road, and even new estates. after a couple of years the roads are full of trash, street lights not working, road signs stolen, same with the estates. paint peeling off…

the only way Africans will ever be able to develop and take care of things if we start teaching the young responsibility and how to respect and follow systems and rules. children will be the ones to change Africa but to bad "Monkey see Monkey do"they will watch what the grown-ups are doing and follow.
so maybe number 3 should take the children from the camps and show them how to use and maintain the systems.

We need to shoot most of these leaders…
blood blood… we need to spill the blood of idiots

Generally, its not very fair to judge all bonobos based on 2 female bonobos that are not even currently in bonoboland.

A national massive shock event that changes everything. The costs is much much more blood shed and upheaval then in PEV-07/08.

Support your chosen Thief quietly. Mine is WSR. So far… unless Thief Matiang’i decides to run. And this quoting diaspora abcd is your problem not mine. Inaitwa inferiority complex and I cannot help you there. You could have coherently answered yourself. If you have a problem with my posts which you clearly do…you know what to do son…

Nations are built with these shocks that eliminate and teach people a lesson…
otherwise hii cycle ya elections…thugs…complaining…stealing.needs to come to a suddent stop

Normal democratic means are irredeemably compromised and only afford wanjiku a choice between thieves.
Thats sufficient justification for patriotic citizen to initiate said shock event.

I would never support a thug’s actions. What I’ve said in the past is that everyone deserves a fair hearing in a court of law before they can be sentenced or released. Even God can never send anyone to the lake of fire unless that person has had a life review before the judgment seat.!

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither.”

Uko na uzungu mingi na wewe ni mwafrika. Manze jipende na akili yako ama uhame

This is what happened during colonisation but those Germans, French and Brits were only interested in using African labour and resources and they deliberately underdeveloped Africa. They also killed all good leaders and left us with the trash that we have today

@Sambamba @Ndindu hoyeee ! x2

The question really is how could Africa have millions of educated men and women, yet have to import
experts in all fields to manage areas of economic development, engineering and others for which
Africans had gone to the same school. All this is due to the shallowness of our “education,” a non-
commitment to the study of knowledge for the benefits of the people, rather than a study on how we
can make money the fastest way without putting out much effort.

Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! [atwoli voice]