Wanking material for elders Robber stabbed to death by shop owner

Pigwa kisu mpaka ushangae




Hehe vietcong na Koreans hawabembelezangi bonobos

Democrat areas zimeanza kuwa hivyo. Cops wamekaliwa by ‘woke’ government hadi sasa raia wamewachwa wajisort

Las Vegas? That Ching Chong is doing time definitely. AG wa California is a diehard democrat

Babu ako Sawa.

These are the low IQ comments that need not be posted and deleted.

Just your friendly neighborhood death dealer.

Angalia San Francisco. Mtu anaingia shop yako anavuka na mali bora tu mali isiwe more than $1k.

Babu mgani?

Babu Biden.

In my opinion wangechagua babu Sanders. Mzee biden hajielewi.

Yeye sio Strong Man, lakini wacha waendelee kuspite Republicans

Problem is ratings zake ziko down. If Dems are not careful a republican atarudi.

You missed my point by a mile. There are statutory limits on the amount of theft before it becomes a felony, otherwise it would be a misdemeanor.

By the way, those two robbers, are WHITE.

Where anywhere in this world, even in Nairobi, would a thief ask for your political affiliation before robbing you?

Eti wewe ni Azimio or Kenya Kwanza and then anakugotea, anakuwacha based on your response.

Crime is crime. Whether liberal or conservative the would be robbers don’t care. Get it!

Yeye ni weak, they just wanted to get rid of Trump.

Sasa wewe high IQ bonobo didn’t even understand my low IQ point.
Its the ‘woke’ policies zinachangia spike in crimes in Democrat controlled areas. This is the reason why nilitumia San Francisco as an example.
Sasa if a local govt pass a policy of releasing criminals bila bail or allow criminals to steal goods less than $1K what do you expect to happen?

Wizi is the most fucked choice a man can make… ati im dead:D:D:D

Unfortunately if you defend yourself or your property you’re more likely to go to jail than the assailant/thief.
Anyway shauri yao, they voted for Democrats and Soros sponsored DAs