Wanjigi will be running for presidency on an ODM ticket.[ATTACH=full]373284[/ATTACH]

ngata press?

Nope, he is basically saying he will once again bankroll raila for presidency.

He is Railas eternal sponsor

If somehow Wanjigi won the ODM ticket, would he get the votes from those current diehard ODM masses ?

No diehard would associates with Odm without Raila

wanjigi is basically playing the contempt card. He is watching RAT desperation for jayden endorsement despite knowing he has picked gideon. Denial and hope is the only thing RAT is basing his presidential candidature on. Same to madvd and watermelon. They know its gideon but they hope it can be shelved and one of them picked. All three puppets can’t fundraise a presidential bid. wanjigi can and he bankrolled naswa in 2017. So basically he is telling RAT if you are not running as odm as you hang in jayden cork tails then he will ran as odm candidate himself. Nobody refuses money. The reverse is true and it also works. wanjigi hopes that his public show of financing odm will push jayden to panic and reconsider supporting gideon and favour of RAT so that he doesn’t lose his puppet back to wanjigi. The fallout and rivalry between wanjigi and jayden is strong and personal. Jayden cancelled JKIA Greenfield terminal project held by wanjigi, took SGR from wanjigi-RAT and lastly the ranch that hosted WRC in Naivasha.

Lastly wanjigi looked at state house games of propping Speaker Muturi as the region spokesperson and saw it as a joke. So he said let him ran as well to show people this whole elections is turning out to be a joke anyway.

Respect your opinion…but msee hajui hi kenya akisoma hi post yako anaweza fikiria wan jee ghi owns this country and he just lets us live here with him.
Enyewe tuko mbaya…hii nchi inapangwa na 4 5 people and their fams…very sad.