Wanjala was released by those D- guys after bribing them.

Self-confessed vampire child killer Masten Wanjala on Thursday narrated how he escaped the police cell before he was lynched in Bungoma.

Wanjala told those lynching him he disguised as a petty offender and handed officers money he had before walking out on Tuesday night.

Police who talked to the mob said Wanjala then hiked a lift on a lorry to Bungoma where he joined villagers.

“He however did not know they did not want him there,” the police said.

It emerged Wanjala who had been at the station for close to a month escaped after police arrested tens of suspects over Covid-19 pandemic rules and mixed them with those who were in custody.

It was until Wednesday morning that officers who were taking over realized he was missing.

Wanjala, 25, escaped from Jogoo Road police station cells as remandees and others were being separated from the general population.


Uhuru should just lift the curfew. It’s nothing but an extortion cartel. D minuses will sell this country. That killer was heading to the village to eliminate a kin most likely his father.

Wamesema on that day the lights were out they were using phone torch to count the inmates… shm!

Uhuru himself is the biggest Ojinga. You expect him to think?

Lakini juzi vile Amekua DC huko meruka Ni kama amenyimwa konyagi kapsaa,

Wanjala swallowed the bait. He bribed his way to the grave.

I have watched the video where Masten is lynched.

Several observations:
[li]Among the Lynch mob were undercover cops. One discharged a pistol to scatter the crowd immediately the guy was hit dead.[/li][li]If you replay the video slowly, the cops who discharged the weapon was among the crowd cheating on.[/li][li]These cops are the ones who incited the crowd that Masten was around and was well prepared.[/li][li]Masten never escaped. Masten was probably transported in a police outback to bungoma to say his last. Someone would have spotted him between Nairobi and Bungoma and tipped them.[/li][li]Those cops tipped the neighbors when Masten was delivered to Bungoma.[/li][li]All this is because of a broken judiciary system. A self confessed killer doesn’t need a lot of judicial review but a sentence because he confessed and the DCI is simply saying EJK is sometimes the way to go.[/li][li]Why was he not in remand? Perfect path for a prison break.[/li][/ol]

Same case kama ya yule policewoman alikuwa anaua lovers wake

To what end would the police be doing that?

To Cover up human body part s dealers,huyu jamaa was just pawned because he threatened to spill the beans.

@uwesmake explained perfectly what really happened. And it made sense when compared to the stories serial killers of the past have given.

story does not add up , wapi video elders ?

May be he was innocent

Probable, but how did the d- get the public so riled up? they came prepared, pitch fork style

D minus wako very good at public mobilization ,they released the guy and then one of them in civilian clothes shouted huyo!!!shika yeye ,mwizi ,muaji wa watoto na wamama !!! ,the idle public changamkad like a nonsense and the guy lost his life just like that.

Reaaally, people just happened to be walking with the wood?
You’re reaching

Kwani how much’s Wanjala worth? :smiley:

Kenyans are very idle,some will leave what they are doing and go and " kill" the mwizi, just look at politicians and their rallies ndio utajua just how idle Kenyans are

I concur with you. The biggest problem in Kenya is not unemployment. It’s idleness and loving free things.