Wangwana, Uhuru ameshikwa makende hajashikwa?

Tanzania wako na powers over contractors. Kenya contractor ako na unlimited access to statehouse, and unlimited access to our treasury

Good stuff

Administration ya magufuli is not a joke

Those policies are good. But magufuli is meffi to my eyes since ile video ya presidential motorcade yake having almost 100 cars surfaced. Huyo ni dictator in the making

He has to take precaution measures. Hawa foreign contractors ni dollar billionaires, economic mercenaries. Wanaeza kuku assassinate. Kwanza wale miners wa gold alipigana na wao hadi wakatii.

Ni dictator yes, lakini kazi inafanyika and theft of public funds has decreased and chinese dont have a leeway venye wako nayo hapa. Uhuru is selling us of to any bidder, and theft in govt is at an all time given a choice i would choose magufuli any tine of the day

100 cars motorcade is not security. Ya obama had less than 15 cars akiwa Kenya. but you have a very valid point.

Hizo 100 mirrions ni mangapi za Kenya?

Millioni nne unusu

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Wah? For that shanty?
Wizi on another level.

You can’t compare Obama’s security detail to that of an African country’s president. Especially one trying to dislodge and fight corrupt powers within his country.

Really smart of Magufuli. You can’t even tell which car he’s riding, if any, in the motorcade. Risk mitigation of being offed. :D:D:D

Mlisema obako once had amotorcade of 43 cars

Hizi ni tactics used in Moi error. In this digital age people take pictures all the time and in minutes its all over social media, you need 100 cars to disguise you???. Im a civillian but nikitaka kujua magufuli ako kwa gari gani in a motorcade I can do it very cheaply and without much hussle. Hii ni kuharibu pesa ya watanzania bure