Wangari Mathai Only Survived Moi's Wrath Because She Was A Woman

Had it been a man opposing Moi’s plans to build the 62 floor Times Complex at Uhuru Park he would have been dead eons ago, but Moi out of respect for Kalejin’s culture was reluctant in ordering a hit on a woman. Those fellows that burnt women and children in Kiambaa were a special breed of stupid and time will catch up with them.



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Moi feared Wangari Maathai and he knew that killing her would light a big fire that would burn even he himself.

I am sure wanaulizana hio ni ufala gani walikua wakifanya…

The current breed of politicians should learn… And know nothing is permanent…

They should instead help uplift common mwanainchi’s life…

:DBecause she was a woman? Moi? :D:D

I’d expect that sort of reasoning from an Uncle Tom

Not really, fighting women is not a man’s thing

She bled for what she cared for and was not handled with velvet gloves by Moi I remember her being clobbered during her protest in Karura forest when Moi through the parrot Kamotho were trying to grab karura forest , they ripped hair from her head as they beat her.
In molo Moi didnt care if it was women or children they were all killed same thing in the likoni clashes



Prof. Wangari Maathai was brave like the Leopard family she belonged to, tenacious and unstoppable. Moi would have killed her were it not for her extensive connections, at one time in her book she says some President wrote a letter to Moi requesting GOK grants her a passport and allows her to travel to some conference, Moi alitii.

She was the best.

I remember those thugs with bow and arrows were called “Kausha Guards” the really did a number on her. Kamotho was the enviroment minister and his reasoning was man has cut trees for millenia and nothing bad has ever happened . Even the US embassy had been allocated a plot in the forest, the sacrifice this lady did should never be underestimated if not for her their would be no Karura forest, no uhuru park and no jivanjee gardens which the arsehole biwott had grabbed wanting to put up an underground parking !

If you ask me she is Kenya’s greatest product. There should be a university named after her especially since she was the first woman in Kenya to earn a Doctorate in this republic, a statue at Karura forest hapo kwa gate and a day set aside in the constitution in her honour and to champion environmental issues, she deserves it all.

I propose that KU be named after her(just to piss off the Konyagis:p)

Wanawake wa Nyeri wachana nao