She looks extremely edible…

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Who dat? Is that Obinna Obinjwa?

This one will end up in an arranged political or class union marriage. They will only come together to make babies and for public appearances, after which they go back to their secret relationships. She is definitely being groomed to be the first female Kenyan president.

Knees worthy of a 7’s rugby player

Ni mboch mgani huyu?

Yenyewe sekete na uyu lazima uvurute kishash

Stima zikipotea nikiwa karibu labda. I get better quality among mboches.

who is she …???

Charlene ruto

She has a hair piece covering her forehead atleast.

Those knees man …zimepiga magoti hadi kwa kichaka huko karura

Hio mdomo inaeza nyinya mboro ya Santa klauz pharmacy Sawa sawa kuliko vile mama pima mchafu mama ya mwenda wazim @uwesmake huninyonya kama busaa

She is more handsome than me:D:D:D

Ain’t shit

Looks like a very tired marathon runner … :D:D

@MTINGIZA KITANDA!!! angemlipia rent pale Ruiru kama hangekuwa mtoto wa president

@Nyamgondho the horological expert identify this timepiece

Hapana, @MTINGIZA KITANDA!!! only goes for lanyes. He doesn’t have the game to win over non-prostitutes, least of all a president’s daughter.

@MTINGIZA KITANDA!!! can only go for poor women who sell their clits to multitudes, and offer to pay their rent in exchange for a relationship.

mama ya mkamba mjinga illiterate @PHARMACY huuza kuma AIDS infested 49 bob mlolongo