Wangapi batallion, if you have used her airbnb for your kills, watch out for her hidden cameras.


Hidden what?? yaani msee haezi Kula vitu in peace

Kenyans are always compromising their own businesses.

What’s the point of sabotaging your own business?

@Simiyu22 mbona hidden cameras

Alijuaje what happens there.

initially it was for security purposes but it has turned out to be a fetish for some people who like ‘‘watching’’,i remember in tea room there were holes on the wall and people you peep through when you are screwing…

Zima lights na uwashe camera yako. They hidden cam will emit a reddish infrared light

I did this nikiwa in an undisclosed location nikapewa heshima hizo siku nilikua hapo…coupled by the fact that nilikua natoka night time pekee. They wished i never came…

Nani unaweza nyonga na porno ya Uwesmakende

Be Alert …
Be Safe …

The technology is cheap and available…

You might become the target of a harassment or blackmail scheme …

Plan your clandestine activities with military precision … :D:D:D

What do people gain by watching a man fuck a woman? Unachungulia uone nini?

why is the porn industry popular?

Nimeuliza hiyo ya kuchungulia…

And if you go to the same brothel, but keep been taken to the same room! Chunga!

I thought the lady in the tweet is talking about condoms not hidden cameras

NV ghassia