[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Huyu anakaa tu ARV’s

Cover the face

Hiyo kitambi imejaa Omunyambire pumsi @Omunyambi

sura mbaya kama lori za NMS

By all means neccessary…sura tutazimia sitima

Learn to respect yourself or just the name of your family if you find that respecting yourself is becoming a challenge

You can’t see she is sick?

Maraya common sana

Huyu ni @Matapiko ya @Punda

Look like She has the energy for an entire Weekend of Fun … :smiley: :smiley:

Leta hekaya, umemsosi?

Kitu safi…anacharge ngapi?


Anategea base gani?

Shut the fuck up reject. You do not know anything about family. You already disowned your mom for giving birth to you after receiving a gift; a khamisi. You are one without direction. Olund liech.

i love dry frying this calibre of milfs, but that hair styles screams there is a big risk dry firing this one.